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Screenshots of Driving Minibus In The City
  • MiniBus Driver 2022
  • MiniBus Driver 2022
  • MiniBus Driver 2022
  • MiniBus Driver 2022
Description of MiniBus Driver 2022

Get ready to experience enjoyable and driving adventures with the most beautiful minibus games! It's time to draw a set between you and old minibus games; The minibus game, which reflects the modernity of 2021, is very enjoyable with its 3D and passenger transport sections!

With minibus games, you can feel like a minibus driver! Turn on the ignition of your van and start it up, the realism is on the line thanks to the advanced image graphics and sound graphics!

How does it sound to be a minibus driver? Get in the seat of the van to see if you're a skilled van driver! The minibus is at your fingertips thanks to the 3D minibus driving simulator!

If you want very good minibus games, you don't have time to spare for old and constantly bug-filled games, here is a minibus simulator that has been tested for thousands of bugs and is completely user-experience-oriented!

How to play?
Choose between big minibus, white minibus, nostalgic minibus and dozens of other minibus models and start playing! If you are playing the game for the first time, you will see that other minibus models are locked, no need to worry! This free minibus game does not charge you anything!

In order to unlock other minibuses, you have to play the game levels and earn in-game currency according to the level of completion of the levels. Afterwards, you can go to the garage with these points you earn from the game, and unlock the minibus models for which your points are sufficient, and you can continue the other game with the new minibus model you unlocked.

Minibus passenger transport games have always been popular, this minibus game is entirely based on passenger transport! You pick up the passengers from the stops and you have to get on and off at the other stops by following the traffic rules without making any accident along the minibus route. Passengers can hop on and off, or go to the last stop; just like in real minibuses!

• This minibus game is realistic, thanks to its 3D graphics, and provides viewing pleasure in addition to gameplay.
• Thanks to the wide city map, it will be very enjoyable to visit the city by minibus, with each stop in different regions!
• You can change the color, lights, horn and many more features of the vehicle you choose thanks to the modification facility.
• With different camera angles, you can see the minibus from the inside, that is, from the interior console, or you can see it from the outside.
• You will have an easy gaming experience thanks to the improved user-oriented controls.
• The station system and the fact that there are passengers at the stops allow you to play a fun and realistic minibus driving game.

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