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Screenshots of Mirror Camera
  • Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
  • Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
  • Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
  • Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
  • Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
  • Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
  • Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
  • Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
Description of Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)

Please watch the teach video to know how to use it.

[ Tommorow, I will meet ... me ... yesterday. ]

Mirror + Selfie Camera (best mirror app for free)
Let your phone become a perfect smart mirror.

Press mirror region to show/hide menu.

[Quick Mirror Camera Guideline]
When application start, it will hide all the menu. So it is really like a mirror.

You can use the following method to change other settings:
1. Press Mirror region to show/hide menu.
2. Drag the red seek bar to change screen brightness.
3. Drag the pink seek bar 1 to change camera exposure.
4. Drag the pink seek bar 2 to let mirror zoom in/out.
5. Press bulb button enable/disable night mode.
6. Press mirror button to change capture mode. (Capture with "Image on Mirror" or "Your real Image")
7. Press the pause/resume button to pause/resume preview. (freeze image) Then double click the freeze image to let mirror zoom in/out. (Or use two fingers to let mirror zoom in/out)
8. [Volume Key] : Use volume-down key to pause/resume preview. (freeze image) Use volume-up key to do camera capture. You can change other option in the camera settings page.

1. You also can take a picture or edit mirror photo image if you wish.
2. Night mode : Press the bulb button, use panel light at the edge of panel.
3. This application will not turn off screen when you use Camera. If user not touch the screen for 10 minutes, this application will auto exit to prevent power loss.

【Recommended External Mirror Image Photo Editor】
( Line Camera )
This APP is now tested more compatible. They support external photo edit more user friendly.

Or you can use system photo editor, it also work. (Test on Samsung Phones.)

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Version history Mirror Camera (Mirror + Selfie Camera)
New in Mirror Camera 1.6.0
1. Minor bugs fixed.
New in Mirror Camera 1.5.2
1. Fixed error run on Android 10.0 devices.
New in Mirror Camera 1.5.0
1. bugs fixed for some phones.
New in Mirror Camera 1.4.2
V1.4.2::1. Modify real mode. When use real mode, preview/pause/capture is the same image.
New in Mirror Camera 1.4.0
V1.4.0::1. Minor bugs fixed.
New in Mirror Camera 1.3.6
V1.3.6 :1. Modify for tablet layout.
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