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Description of Mobile agent

Mobile Agent is:
+ Rapid collection of client requests
+ Division according to the forms of payment and deferred payment
+ Control of residues
+ Control of receivables
+ Control of packaging
+ Design of the SSP
+ Design Storecheck
+ Pictures outlets
+ Use of the nomenclature of priorities
+ Separation range
+ Order of visits to shopping
+ Display outlets applications on the map
+ Discount
+ GPS tracking in real time
+ Data transfer USB, FTP, Google drive, Gmail, Dropbox
+ Easy customization
+ User-friendly interface
+ Sales reports
+ Print PDF
+ inventory
+ Barcode scanner

+ Compatible with any storage system
+ Uses an XML markup language
+ Can be used without internet
+ Does not require third-party servers
+ It has no limitation
+ Updated and maintained
+ And he is absolutely free!

How to set up a connection to your accounting system?
Very simple! Visit the website http://chegal.org.ua/
and download a detailed description of the communications protocol.
Your programmer will understand this easily!

Version history Mobile agent
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 3.0.6
1. External documents can be sent by mail
2. The new "Calls" section captures customer calls if the customer's phone is in the database. The section only works if a program is installed that extends the ability of the Mobile Agent. The program can be downloaded from mobilesales.chegal.org.ua
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 3.0.3
Bug fixes, performance improvements.
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 3.0.2
Bug fixes, performance improvements.
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 3.0.1
Bug fixes, performance improvements.
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 2.9.7
Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions!
In this version:
1.Added the ability to add the maximum discount percentage
2.Added privacy policy:
- when downloading, the program will search for the device’s serial number
- data transfer files can encrypt ZIP with a password
3. Added settings “Question when closing a document”, “Quick entry”
4. Bug fixed
For more information on the website http://mobilesales.chegal.org.ua in the description of the exchange protocol
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 2.9.2
New search directly in the document
Quick addition of the goods with the swipe left to the right and removal of the swipe right with the right side of the order
Fixed a bug causing the inability to edit the order document in the case of a very long comment
Added the field "Maximum customer debt"
Added support for external IR scanner via USB (OTG)
Fixed some compatibility issues with Android 8.1
Added display of discount on the document in the document log and route
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 2.8.8
Bug fixes, performance improvements.
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 2.8.7
Bug fixedAdded ability to set a sales allocation periodInventory can not zero balances (is included in the settings)By the nomenclature, you can remove the price
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 2.8.3
Added offline mode. In offline mode, there is no need to use data exchange, all calculations are performed on the device directlyAdded the ability to edit the nomenclature and set pricesAdded ability to set a logo when printing a document in PDF
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 2.8.2
Bugs fixWhen you change the warehouse in the document, automatically substitute the price type and the assortment of the document. The ability to order goods at zero cost is added.Added field for output of additional characteristics of the nomenclatureCounterparties can be grouped into groups in a route sheetThe nomenclature is available to the warehouseSetting "A simple page", reducing the output of information in PDFIn the price list, you can choose several assortments
New in com.chegal.mobilesales 2.7.7
The option "Deny returns without grounds" is addedAdded the ability to delete settings or allow changes to certain settings when locking options from the "Control" category (Only for devices with Android OS version more than 4.0)
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