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Description of MobiVisor

MobiVisor Platform is the security platform that satisfies most of the corporate needs. It provides management of Android devices from https://mobivisor.com. The main features of the secure platform are:

Mobile Device Management
• LDAP configurable login for the corporates
• Location tracking
• Capturing and displaying device information
• Device status logging
• Factory resetting the device
• Install applications via app catalog
• Advanced policy management: assign policies to users, profiles and define a global policy
• Apply policies according to some criteria (based on date, location and Wi-Fi network)
• Change password policy
• Enforce screen lock pin/password
• Change screen lock timeout
• Lock screen immediately
• Define the frequency of log and location collecting
• Violation reporting
+ Additional Features for Samsung Devices
• Install applications silently
• Block installation / uninstallation of specified applications
• Block running of specified applications
• Block USB debugging
• Manage VPN connections
• Set minimum Wi-Fi security requirements (i.e. block WEP connections)
• Block factory reset
• Block turning on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Remotely reboot or turn off the device
• Block changing date and time
• Block using Settings application
• Block removing this application

Secure Instant Messaging
• Securely connect to corporate peers through our messaging platform.
• Get informed on the peers' messages through a secure tunnel.
• End-to-end encryption.
• File sending.

Secure VoIP Communication
• Securely connect to corporate peers through our VoIP platform
• Make voice calls using wireless network or mobile network
• Receive calls while app is in background

To register
1) Install the application,
2) Click 'Activate Device Admin' button to activate Android Device Admin features,
3) Type in your username (email) and password then click 'Register' button (Please contact for demo credentials).
4) (Samsung only) Click 'Activate Samsung Features' to confirm Samsung E-SDK Privacy Policy and activate Samsung specific device admin features.

To contact us about your questions and problems please use 'Contact' link at https://mobivisor.com

PS: This application is intended for enterprises, personal usage is not supported.

Version history MobiVisor
New in MobiVisor 1.5.23+246e
Work Profile on Device Owner mode (COPE) is added
Bug fixes
New in MobiVisor 1.5.5+2f50
System Update Policy implementation
Email and phone number were added for Contact IT department
Samsung Device Owner Registering Process fix
Some messaging fixes
New in MobiVisor 1.5.3+f838
New Samsung API is used
Some devices's password policy error is fixed
New in MobiVisor 1.4.61+1b20
Quick Support click impovements for some devices which have onscreen buttons (home, back, recent)
New in MobiVisor 1.4.60+b6ac
Android 10 privacy fixes
New in MobiVisor 1.4.55+96f6
Add Disallow SMS Feature
Add Git Hash Version to app version
Add Disallow Modify Accounts Feature
Add Serial Number
Device Owner Force GPS Feature is Added
Improve Samsung's API Active Check
Fix Some Samsung Devices cannot Use Samsung Knox
New in MobiVisor 1.4.49
Fix file provider
Fix Android 7+ Devices Cannot Receive Files
Add setting wallpaper feature
Basic certificate management feature is added
Support 64-bit devices
Improve fake GPS detection
Add app usage log feature
Fix some security issues
Add missing translations
If location permission is not granted display a notification
Unenroll now removes Work Profile
Fix a crash on Samsung S3
Samsung feature added: App Notification Block Blacklist
Fix device owner Kiosk Mode icon problem
New in MobiVisor 1.4.24
Add edge functions blocking for Samsung kiosk modes
Add missing translations
Screenshot sending bug is fixed
Display better info if Android Enterprise Integration is missing on server-side
Fetch System Apps feature is added
Other bug fixes
New in MobiVisor 1.4.12
WiFi config blocking is added for Android Enterprise
Kiosk mode icon sizing bug is fixed for Android Enterprise
Blocking outgoing calls is added for Android Enterprise
New in MobiVisor 1.3.43
Fix kiosk mode shortcut creation
New in MobiVisor 1.3.42
Add Samsung and device owner remote control feature
Add wifi black and white lists
APN save bug fix
German translations are added
Add force login feature
Fix some application not responding errors
Improve quick support performance
Disable download mode feature is added for Samsung devices
Minimum brightness feature is added
Other bug fixes and improvements
New in MobiVisor 1.3.38
Fix Some Application Not Responding ErrorsFix Some Crashes"Add Package To Battery Optimization White List" is implementedMinimum Sound Level is implementedRefresh Kiosk Mode is implemented"Allow Wallpaper Change" is implementedIgnore Battery Optimizations Feature is added
New in MobiVisor 1.3.37
Location retrieval is improvedCall black&white lists are improvedSync button is addedSome crashes are avoidedAllow Data Saving feature is addedAdd flash to ring deviceSSL date errors are fixedMissing translations are addedOther bug fixes and improvements
New in MobiVisor 1.3.35
Add server connection health indicatorBug fixes
New in MobiVisor 1.3.34
App install improvementsCrash fixes on some rare casesOther bug fixes & improvements
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