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Screenshots of Mordheim
  • Mordheim: Warband Skirmish
  • Mordheim: Warband Skirmish
  • Mordheim: Warband Skirmish
  • Mordheim: Warband Skirmish
  • Mordheim: Warband Skirmish
  • Mordheim: Warband Skirmish
Description of Mordheim: Warband Skirmish

Explore the ruins of the City of Mordheim, clash with other scavenging warbands and collect Wyrdstone - valuable shards from the comet that destroyed the city.

Legendary Game’s adaptation of Games Workshop’s classic table top game: Mordheim, set in the Warhammer world. Multiplayer turn-based arena strategy right at your fingertips, you’ll have the freedom to play how YOU want to play. Hide in the shadows and wait for the right moment to strike, get a vantage point and pick your targets off with ranged weapons, or bring the fight straight to your opponent in an up close and personal confrontation, the choice, is yours!

Beware all who enter Mordheim the Warhammer Universe is brutal and it doesn’t get more dangerous than a ruined city teaming with rival warbands and monstrous horrors. A core game feature is a permanent death and permanent injury. Players must prepare for death, destruction and disability. You will need to dismiss warriors from your band that get too badly injured and sometimes you may need to disband a warband completely and start again.

You start with access to the Reiklanders, disciplined, magnificent archers and solid warriors fighting for the family of the old Emperor in a brutal civil war over who should sit in the throne. Can you harvest more Wyrdstone from Mordheim than your rivals to fuel your master’s war effort?

Factions available:
● Middenheim – Strongly built men with a well-deserved reputation for ferocity,
traditional rivals to Reikland.
● Marienburg – Well equipped and well-paid mercenaries from the richest trading city in
the Empire fighting for the newly elected Empress.
● Skaven – Skulking sinister rat men who need Wyrdstone to thrive
● Undead – Agents of the Vampire Counts, helping their bid to control the living
● Witch Hunters – Agents of the Grand Theogonist who will burn first and ask questions
● Sisters of Sigmar – The only faction with remotely honourable intentions
● Cult of the Possessed – Men who have turned to the dark powers for salvation

Key Features:
● Tactical turn-based gameplay with incredible action sequences
● Recruit, customise and train your Warband
● A rich, powerful and immersive fantasy world
● Multiplayer online – you will go up against other player made Warbands
● Continuous planned updates, including extra content and map variations.
● “Graphic novel” art style with a grim undertone perfectly setting the scene of the
harrowing city of Mordheim

About Legendary Games
Legendary are award winning multi-platform, multi-player developers specialising in Unity and HTML5 Games. Web site: Legendary-games.com

Mordheim: Warband Skirmish © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2016. Mordheim: Warband Skirmish, the Mordheim: Warband Skirmish logo, GW, Games Workshop, Mordheim. Warhammer, The Game of Fantasy Battles, the twin-tailed comet logo, and all associated logos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctive likeness thereof, are either ® or TM, and/or © Games Workshop Limited, variably registered around the world, and used under license. All rights reserved.

Version history Mordheim: Warband Skirmish
New in Mordheim 1.14.6
Legendary Tournament!

Starting Friday 27th August at 5pm (BST), head into Mordheim and battle against players to earn unique rewards! (Ends Sunday 29th August at 5pm (BST).

More information can be found on the Forum.
New in Mordheim 1.14.5
Orc Magic!

The Orc Shaman is available as a Hiredsword for the Orc Warband!

Outcasts from Orc Society, they are no longer shunned for their abilities. Gifted from Gork and Mork, the Shaman will have 6 new spells available, which will make them one of the most unique Hiredswords in the game!
New in Mordheim 1.14.4
Boss of War!

This release has lots of new cosmetic upgrades for the Orc Warband that everyone can appreciate! This includes a new Warboss Agent and his equipment. We have also added new Premium Goblins for those who just can't wait for them in the shop!
New in Mordheim 1.14.3
New Update in Mordheim!

Changes include:

- New menu icons in the Town Cryer and Camp!
- Improved load times throughout the game to enhance your experience!
New in Mordheim 1.14.2
New Update!

Changes include:
- Fixed orc trick shooter skill
- Removed Blackpowder weapons from Elf Ranger
- Fixed issue with downloading warbands
New in Mordheim 1.14.1
Cannon Fodder has arrived with Goblins available for the Orc Warband!

Other changes in this update include:
- Added Orge to Orc Hiredswords
- Added Cunning Plan skill
- Tweaked the Orc Boss Stats
- Fixed issues with the Animosity skill
New in Mordheim 1.14.0
Orc Raiders have arrived for battle in Mordheim!

The most requested warband has been added to Mordheim!

Set with unique skills and weapons, Orcs enjoy fighting and looting more than anything else, an Orc’s life is spent in constant battle – either with his fellow Orcs or some other enemy!

Other changes in this update:

- A new introduction video for all new players!

For more information about this update, head over to the forum!
New in Mordheim 1.13.7
New Update in Mordheim!

Fixes and Improvements throughout the game!
New in Mordheim 1.13.6
New update for Tournament Play!

There is now an option available to block Ai battles when creating PvP Tournaments!

A new Legendary Tournament is happening this Friday, head over to the forums to find out more!

New in Mordheim 1.13.5
New Update!

Changes include:

- All stash items will now be shown in the Equip screen when assigning weapons/armour/items
- Added reason why stash items can't be equipped
- Fixed the broken ladder on the University District Map
New in Mordheim 1.13.4
New Update!

Stability and Bug Fixes!

Changes include:
- Added Tutorial skip warning
- Fixed Tutorial Continue bug
New in Mordheim 1.13.3
Legendary Tournament!

Compete in the Legendary Games Tournament to crown the best Mordheim Players on 4th March 2021!

Other changes include:
- Updated tournaments to support power limits
- Fixed Strigoi necklace not being hidden
New in Mordheim 1.13.2
New Update!

Strigoi Warband now has access to Speed Skills (Strigany Warriors)

Other changes:

Fixes to shooting through walls on various maps
New in Mordheim 1.13.1
New PvP Tournament Mode!

A new PvP Tournament mode is available in the Warband home screen!

Other changes in this update:

- New skills for the Strigoi!
New in Mordheim 1.13.0
Ghoul Kings!

Our second premium warband has been added to Mordehim!

Other changes in this update:
- Tweak to Survival XP issue
- Defend the Find Tweaks
New in Mordheim 1.12.21
Happy New Year!

This update includes various optimisations and improvements that are needed for the next Warband!

Also in this update:
- Christmas Promotion for the Thunderer Hat has ended
New in Mordheim 1.12.20
A Nightmarish Christmas awaits...

Rare Ghoulish creatures have been spotted roaming around the streets of Mordheim.

The Crypt Horror is now available as a Hired Sword for the Undead Warband.

Customise your Warband with Thunderer Hats, available in the store now for 1 Gold.
New in Mordheim 1.12.19
Dwarf Ranger Hood and Grab available in the shop!

Other Changes:
- Fixed Dwarf Ranger weapon access in Sister of Sigmar warbands
New in Mordheim 1.12.18
Dwarf Ranger Hotfix!
The Dwarf Ranger is now available as a Hiredsword for every warband (except Skaven, Undead & Possessed)
New in Mordheim 1.12.16
New update available!
Update now for general bug fixes to improve your Mordheim experience.
New in Mordheim 1.12.15
Happy Halloween!

Morr Mask and Morr's Lantern available for 1 Gold as a Halloween treat!
New in Mordheim 1.12.14
The men of shadows have arrived...

The Duelist is now available as a Hiredsword in Mordheim!

Located in the Tavern, any warband who secures these dark and bloodthirsty men will reap great benefit.
New in Mordheim 1.12.12
New Update!
Duelist Mask & Duelist Garb are available in the shop right now!
New in Mordheim 1.12.11
New Leaderboard Feature!

The PVP Monthly leaderboard now awards the top player with a cool custom icon. Battle against other players for your chance to obtain this reward!

Fixed Custom Icon issue
New in Mordheim 1.12.10
New Leaderboard Feature!

The PVP Monthly leaderboard now awards the top player with a cool custom icon. Battle against other players for your chance to obtain this reward!
New in Mordheim 1.12.9
New Leaderboards!

PVP Monthly Shards Leaderboard has been added. Battle against other players in the city of Mordheim and rank up the leaderboard by collecting valuable shards!
New in Mordheim 1.12.8
New Update!

New Weekly Leaderboards have been added to the game! Capture shards to increase your ranking.
More leaderboards will be added in future updates!
New in Mordheim 1.12.7
Horde Assist - Characters near each other can assist in attacking and defending, influencing an attacks to hit rate.
Lure of Chaos - No longer affects Zombies or Dire Wolves
Blessed Water - Fixed the issue with targeting Undead creatures
New in Mordheim 1.12.6
Additional Changes to the Power Rating!
New in Mordheim 1.12.4
New Update!
Mining Helm is now available for the Dwarf Treasure Hunters!
Other Changes:
- Fixed an issue which was causing characters to block tiles below them
- Fixed Lure of Chaos issue
- Fixed underdog bug for PvP hosts
- Tweaked bow SFX
- Fixed terrain issues blocking movement
- Fixed skull shield's dwarven faction theme
New in Mordheim 1.12.3
Bug fixes this release include:
- Characters going invisible after recovering from lure of chaos
- Dwarf access to the Skull Shield
New in Mordheim 1.12.2
New Update!
• Pickaxe has been added
• Miner Skill has been improved
• Spanish translations have been updated
• Fixed invisible enemy bug
New in Mordheim 1.12.0
Dwarf Treasure Hunters!
The first of our premium warbands has just been released along with new skills and gear!

Other changes in this update includes:
- Translations changes

Head over to our forum for more information! (Forums.legendary-games.com)
New in Mordheim 1.11.4
New Slayer Skills!
A number of new skills have been added to the Dwarf Troll Slayer!
New in Mordheim 1.11.3
Watch an Ad to half the Daily Donation time!
New in Mordheim 1.11.2
New to Mordheim:
- Players are now able to delete their warbands!
New in Mordheim 1.11.1
The Elf Ranger is available now as a Hiredsword!
New in Mordheim 1.10.7
Changes have been made to the Dark Pact! Update to find out!
New in Mordheim 1.10.6
First update of 2020!
Heavy Armour themes have been added!
Fixes to:
• Raven Barrack Spawn
• Spawn issue on University District
• Clearing dead characters in old warbands
Next Release will feature the changes from the Dark Pact Poll! Head over to our forums to have your say!
New in Mordheim 1.10.5
Last update of the year!
Thunderer Hats are now free as a customisable theme!
Fixes in this release:
- Fixed the issue where the game would freeze if you had an item equipped on a Possessed character
- Daemon Soul effect now hides when a character is hidden
See you guys in 2020!
New in Mordheim 1.9.9
- New Faction Shield themes!
- New Customise buttons added, making it easier to modify your warrior’s equipment!
New in Mordheim 1.9.8
Resolution scaling and minor improvements!
New in Mordheim 1.9.6
New Maps in Mordheim!
Discover new areas in Mordheim with all new customised locations! These include:
- City Hall
- Great Library
- University District
- Statue of Count Gotthard
- Temple of Sigmar
Also, in this update, there are various bug fixes that will improve your experience in Mordheim!
New in Mordheim 1.9.2
New Update!
Various Bug fixes, including:
- Fixed Zombie/Dire Wolf variants life drain
- Fixed off-centre injured characters
- Fixed Zombie variant name
- Can cast Life Stealer on hidden allies
We are working hard on upcoming releases including the Blessings of Morr and Verena and the next Warband but not the last!
New in Mordheim 1.8.9
Custom Faction Icons!
New Custom Faction Icons are now available for each warband!
Also, in this update, there are fixes to:
- Lowering penalty for carrying chest in Treasure Hunt
- Weeping Blades
- Underdog XP
- Trollslayer given Rope and Hook
New in Mordheim 1.8.6
The Dwarf Trollslayer Hiredsword has been released, who has a selection of new Dwarf skills.
Localisation improvements, thanks to those who have helped.
New in Mordheim 1.8.5
New Training System! Exchange your spare gold to level up your warriors!
Additional fix to Map of Mordheim options
New in Mordheim 1.7.11
Hotfix: Witchhunter/warrior priest load issue has been fixed
Gilded Armour is the focus for this week’s release! Which is available from the customise screen in the camp. After purchase, the armour will be protected from being lost in combat!

Also, in this update, during the Christmas update we decided to make ad healing always available. As this was a Christmas promotion, the healing has been reverted to its original state with needing 0 fate to watch an advert to heal injuries.
New in Mordheim 1.7.9
This week’s release will be focused on changes to Mission Variety. This includes:
• Objectives change colour based on controlling team
• The Rout bar will now flash
• Rating for early campaign missions reduced
• Breakthrough/Streetfight now require a single warrior to make it to the objective to win
• Increase game mode variety
• The Rout bar will now drop by 5% after each turn
• Map drops reworked
• updated chest model
• optimised maps
• fixed helmet shop items
• fixed mission count
New in Mordheim 1.7.8
Added private pvp games – password system
Added option to refresh stores with fate
Added fate to gold feature
Added close combat info to ranged weapons
Added Ogre blunderbuss access
Added Eshin sorcerer access to pets
Added Halfling access to poisons and more hats
Optimised movegrid
Fixed halfling pickup bug
Fixed Skaven sling shop position
Fixed Skaven burrow position
Fixed mission updating on rating change
Fixed sling sfx
Fixed giant rat freeze fix
Fixed promo bug
Fixed elven cloak to hit
New in Mordheim 1.7.4
Donation System Added
Death Revival System Changed
Updated Rekiland and Undead agent
Fanatic skill dependency tweak
Added Lion helm and Assassins Mask
PvP timer position changed
AI spell tweaks
Agent animation tweaks
Blindfold and Witchhunter's hat stat tweak
+1 survival XP should be easier
Stun freeze fix
Fixed faction screen "refresh purchases" button
New in Mordheim 1.7.1
Warrior Priest added
SFX / anim tweaks
Fireball fix
Morrs Lantern to fate
Garlic test fix
Volume slider fix
Leaderboard tweak
Tutorial changes
Leader check added
Spell target fix
New in Mordheim 1.6.5
Starting logo skip
Fixing colour bug on the customise screen
Reikland updated desc
Delete text changed to archive
Turnip added
Skip story option for new players
Auto Continue on the tutorial
Skaven now have Crimson Shade
Undead robes removed from human warbands due to optimisations
Fixing bug with reanimating premium pets
Added garlic leadership test feedback
New in Mordheim 1.6.4
fixed sell item bug
added elven cloak
added halfling cookbook
added lantern
fixed premium rat ogre animation
added fate costs to most consumables
removed speed skills from reikland marksmen and warriors
updating Ogre equipment text
New in Mordheim 1.6.2
fixed stunned soft lock
fixed ogre maul sfx
fixed inaccessible pickup spawn on stables map
adding dark venom
adding black lotus
adding tears of shallaya
New in Mordheim 1.6.1
added new quays map
reduced texture usage on maps
increased speed of attack animations
reduced failed cast animation and delay length
improved rating reporting to pvp server
fixed request retry bug
fixed ogre shop items
fixed double report of survives xp
fixed defend the find spawn on ruffeviertal maps
fixed ogre two handed maul
fixed disappearing characters in Camp
various bug fixes
New in Mordheim 1.5.6
New map for Raven Barracks and Smeltviertal Gunnery
Pistolier skill description updated
Offhand pistol name change
Campaign missions added
changing map selection method
more maps enabled
Warlocks can get magic tomes in undead warbands
Slight art tweak
XP tweaks
Power Level System added
Ambush once per turn
Resilience stacking fix
Map description update
Map performance optimisations
PvP notifications on campaign screen fix
Characters starting XP change
New in Mordheim 1.5.5
general bug fixes
New in Mordheim 1.5.4
fixed vampire access to magic
fixed sidestep effect moving corpses
fixed bad word filter bypass
tweaked map object colliders
tweaked ai (wyrdstone hunt)
hired swords can be bought with gold
fixed breakthrough objectives on gardens map
stats panel displays abilities
fixed issue with continuing if no valid warband members
fixed necromancer texture
fixed wyrdstone effect
fixed shield defence in stat info
fixed moveline cover indicator
added rewarded ads for healing
New in Mordheim 1.5.3
added vampire
added dire wolf
added blessed water
added garlic
fixing issues with warband name box
fixed witch hunters issue
fixed achievement bug
fixed defence stats for staffs
tweaked window collision
removed ghoul shooting skills
updated crypt scene
lowered conical helm def to 6
lightning reflex tweak
hired swords can change equipment
added ghoul variants
added hair variants for dregs
friendly characters don't block moving
changes to awakening spell
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