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Description of Musaffa: Halal Stocks & ETFs

Most Muslims still do not have access to good Islamic Financial education, including knowledge of investments and capital markets. Moreover, observant Muslims tend to shy away from financial markets because they do not want to unintentionally invest in forbidden (haram) assets. As a result, most Muslims are not enjoying the same financial rewards that non-Muslims are reaping by participating in the financial markets. It does not have to be the case.

Features include:
- Most Comprehensive Halal Stock and ETF Screener
- Search and compare stocks from the US, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and more
- We rank each halal stock based on their Shariah compliance standing. The higher the ranking, the more Shariah compliant the stock is
- We provide recommendation scores from top Wall Street analysts for every halal stock
- Identify alternative halal stocks with our related stocks feature
- Create your own watchlists and monitor the Shariah compliance status of all your favorite stocks
- Instantly get notified when there is a change in compliance status

Version history Musaffa: Halal Stocks & ETFs
New in Musaffa 1.30.0
From time to time, we improve the features and performance of our app. This is one such update with useful feature improvements.

Added Bio-metric lock feature.
Added an option change your default country.
Added an option to auto-fetch current prices for holdings in Zakat Calculator, Compliance Tracker and Purification Tracker.
Added sort, filter and search in Super Investors Portfolio.
New in Musaffa 1.29.0
Eid Mubarak. Say hello to a major Musaffa app update!!!

New Portfolio Purification Tracker which can now purify the stocks that have recently turned non-compliant.

Your broker integration not available? No worries. Musaffa brings you the feature of manually adding your portfolio and transactions to keep a track of your portfolio & get notified.

Also, did we mention: you can now see the Stock’s shariah history to find out how the stock has been performing on a shariah stand-point.
New in Musaffa 1.28.1
The Ramadan Release is here ✨
- Calculate the Zakat on your investments based on the intent of short or long term.
- For Premium Members: You can now request updation of stock screening report if you feel the new company financial reports are out and we have not yet analysed it.
New in Musaffa 1.24.0
In continuation to our launch of Musaffa Premium, here's an update which improves the following features:

- Added Trial Feature for Purification. Enter your sell transaction details and get the purification amount calculated.
- Added shortcut for subscription details and cancellation option in the profile section.
- Added Analyst rating (Buy/Sell etc) in the list view when you apply the analyst recommendations filter.
- Fixed a few crashes and white screen issues.
New in Musaffa 1.22.0
Each of our update comes bearing gifts!

With this update, you would be able to filter stocks according to the analyst recommendations viz. Buy, Sell, Hold etc!

In stock collections, you can now view the top performers of other countries as well. Are you investing in US stocks? Simply select US as country and check the stock collections!

You can also sort the results by % change and stock price.
New in Musaffa 1.21.0
This update is all about improved speed and performance.
Stock Prices now loads in a split second!

Club this with a few other UI improvements & bug fixes and you have an improved Musaffa app ?
New in Musaffa 1.20.0
This is a big one!
Pricing data for all the countries is now available in app!

Also, did we mention this update is filled with lots of small-small UI and UX updates to make your experience better.

We have also added upload image option while contacting support so that you can share the exact issue along with the screenshot :)
New in Musaffa 1.19.0
Introducing Stock Collections:

In a bid to help Muslim ummah find better HALAL stocks with ease, we have introduced the following halal stock collections -

Top Gainers,
Top Losers,
52 Week High,
52 Week Low,
Most Popular, 
Most active
New in Musaffa 1.18.0
We are back with a fresh set of feature updates in Musaffa!

New Watchlist UI -- Explore the new enhanced watchlist, easier to navigate, easier to add and update :)

ETF Screening Report along with Holding Details -- Find the shariah compliance report of an ETF along with the holding percentages and it's Pass/Fail status.

Latest Musaffa Academy Articles -- Find all the latest Musaffa academy articles directly in the app!

Stock Search Improvements, bug fixes, performance upgrades &much more!
New in Musaffa 1.17.1
We constantly try adding new features to make app more friendly for all our users. In this update:
- Facebook signup option added for new users.
- Now you'll see the stocks of your country by default if the country is covered by Musaffa.
New in Musaffa 1.16.1
We constantly try improving our apps to enhance the user experience. Here's all the new features:

- Signup flow revamped! Made it even easier for new users to sign-up ✅
- Included articles related to app features and basics of stock market and shariah compliance. Let the learning begin ?
- We keep adding new articles each week on our Musaffa academy. Now you can access the same from app ?
- Pakistan and and Bangladesh added in covered countries ?

And tons of other improvements ?
New in Musaffa 1.9.0
We just keep getting better. We have come up with new tools to help you take informed decision before investing.

Say hello to 2 brand new features: The Investment Checklist & Stock Forecast

We want to improve more and hence we have added a direct feedback option in app to hear from you all :)
New in Musaffa 1.8.0
We just keep getting better. We have come up with new tools to help you take informed decision before investing.

Say hello to 2 brand new features: The Investment Checklist & Stock Forecast

We want to improve more and hence we have added a direct feedback option in app to hear from you all :)
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