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Description of Kcell

Kcell super application – cell phone service, online shop and bank in one app.

Manage your tariff and services, make payments and shop, buy phones and gadgets and pay by installments in the super application from Kcell.

Managing products and services

• Tariff: check balance, tariff early restart, tariff fee, add-ons, airtime conversion;
• Manage numbers of friends and family;
• Roaming and international calls;
• Calls/data usage details, etc.

Payments with prepaid balance

• Top up with a bank card;
• Transfers to all local numbers in Kazakhstan and abroad;
• Up to 30% back on bus fare;
• Payments: games, Internet and TV, utility, tickets, parking, stores, etc.


• New phone or gadget + tariff;
• Pay by installments or purchase outright by paying the full price;
• Delivery to 17 cities of Kazakhstan.

OGO Bank

• Instant transfers and payments with virtual OGO Card + bonuses;
• Consumer loans on favorable terms;
• Deposits.

(Banking services are provided by First Heartland Jusan Bank LLP (Jusan Bank), License No.1.2.35/225/37 of April 07, 2021)


• News;
• FAQ and answers;
• Useful short codes;
• Connection issues.

Send your suggestions on improvement of the super app performance ccmail@kcell.kz

Version history Kcell
New in Kcell 6.0.0
Home Internet from Kcell at 5G speeds! View 5G coverage, select a router and manage your tariff content right in the app.


1 we’ve made the payments section more convenient — you can filter data by city and view threshold values;

2 you can use your bonus for QR code payments;

3 we’ve improved the eSIM processes and updated the design in the services section.

It’s time to update!
New in Kcell 5.12.0
We’ve worked on payments, now you can pay for public transport using QR code in Astana, Pavlodar and 10 other cities.
On the 5G page you now can place a pre-order for a 5G home router.

We also improved the design of the following pages:
- Roaming – TOP countries and FAQ are now more convenient to navigate through;
- Services & Entertainment – added filters and simplified this section.

We’ve also fixed some bugs: improved the display of personalized offers and switches from banners in stories.
New in Kcell 5.11.0
In the new version:

- GB can be transferred not only to activ clients, but also to Kcell via the "Share gigs" service

- pay for games and mobile operators in the CIS from the balance

- replacing SIM with eSIM or plastic card is now available on the website

- improved design of "My notifications", "My region" sections and display of balances of GB, minutes and SMS by tariff

Also, now with any suggestion or remark, you can contact the Chief Executive Officer in the "Contacts" section.
New in Kcell 5.10.0
New features in the new version:

- early repayment of the Extra Balance advance

- port your mobile number from other providers to Kcell/activ

- purchase new Kcell/activ numbers

- get a new SIM or change SIM to eSIM and order delivery

You no longer need to remember your password to sign in to the super app – sign in with an SMS verification code.

We have also improved the display of the remaining data, minutes and sms allowamces and fixed some bugs.
New in Kcell 5.7.1
We’ve fixed some bugs and improved overall performance of the SuperApp
New in Kcell 5.6.1
We keep improving ?

We have

- improved the ‘Share Your Gigs’ functionality and design: now you can share up to 20GB of data;

- added payments for League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite and other games;

- made faster payment by QR in transport from the QR button on the main screen;

- added more bonuses for OGO Bank products;

- fixed some errors to make our super app run faster.
New in Kcell 5.4.0
The new release is already available!

- Play Secret Santa and enter the prize draw;

- Get cool personalized offers from OGO Bank.

We’ve fixed some bugs to make the superapp work faster.
New in Kcell 5.3.0
We keep improving :)

In the new release:

- The "Exchange For Gigs" service has become available for the Kcell customers;

- We’ve redesigned the ‘Emergency Services’ section.

In OGO Bank:

- check out our new special offers;
- we’ve updated biometrics;
- and simplified switching to the partner websites.


- fixed some bugs.

P.S. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. So, we’re getting ready with some interactive content for you – follow us on socials to stay tuned ;)
New in Kcell 5.2.0
We keep improving ?
In the new release we:
- increased the stability of the super application;
- fixed bugs.
New in Kcell 5.0.3
We’ve fixed some bugs and improved overall performance of the SuperApp
New in Kcell 5.0.2
We keep improving :)
In the new release we:
- improved referral program;
- simplified the process of submitting applications for the quality of communication;
- increased the stability of the super application;
- fixed bugs.
New in Kcell 5.0.1
We are working tirelessly on improvements:)
Have fixed some login, multi-account and main page bugs.
New in Kcell 5.0.0
We continue working to make our super app an easy and simple one to use. So, we have
- redesigned the main page - now all important info will be always at hand;
- improved the login process: we have simplified and made it safer;
- added a feature to give you the ability to save card data in Masterpass and top up in one click;
And, of course, we have fixed some bugs ?
New in Kcell 4.12.0
We continue to improve our super app.
In this release, we have fixed a number of bugs related to payments and other features.
New in Kcell 4.11.0
We continue to make our super app better!

In the ‘Offices and Coverage’ section you can find our office on the map, view the list of services offered and book a visit.

We have also fixed some translation errors and problems accessing some pages. We also continue improving QR-payments, payments for public transport and payments with OGO bonuses.
New in Kcell 4.9.2
We’ve improved our superapp performance! Consider updating.
New in Kcell 4.9.0
Happy New Year 2022!

You can play Secret Santa, buy a smartphone for your loved ones or yourself on favorable terms, open a bonus account and earn a bonus of up to 90% of payments made with your OGO bonuses! You can do this all in our super app.

In this release, we have fixed a number of bugs related to:

– Info on Contract Phone bonuses
– Airtime exchange
– Activation of the Extra Balance service
– Carousel of promotional rates for roamers
New in Kcell 4.8.1
Throw a big gift exchange party. Play Secret Santa in our super app:
– available to other mobile network subscribers as well;
– 3 easy steps to start the game;
– ability to create several game rooms;
– ability to add participants directly from your contact list;
– sending invitations via WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS;
– game rules, price caps, reminders and more.
Update the super app to find out more!
New in Kcell 4.6.0
In this small release, we have fixed some technical errors. We continue to make our super app better!

If you have any suggestions for the improvement of our app, you can use the Write to us form in Contacts.
New in Kcell 4.5.0
Much better!
Hi! In this update we focused on improving what we have. For instance, we have reduced the number of ID verification steps. We have also added descriptions of OGO products - conditions for opening a Card, Deposit and Loan. In your personal account you can now view the amount of your next tariff payment and a discount, if any.
We have fixed some errors in the Roaming section, in Transfers by phone number and the display of your tickets in the ‘My tickets’ tab after payment.
New in Kcell 4.4.0
We have added the personal offers section and will soon come up with some amazing offers for you.
We also listened to your feedback with regard to the Roaming section and:
* simplified the process of tariff selection and comparing various roaming offers;
* so once you have selected a country that you want to visit, you will immediately see all offers available for this destination.
New in Kcell 4.3.0
Super update for a super app!

Check out the OGO section for virtual cards and real deposits. In this section you can also manage your card limits, card-to-card transfers, payments from your bank (IBAN) account and earn up to 10% bonuses! Add your OGO card to Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, transfer funds fee free from your cell phone balance to card and make payments in stores and supermarkets, cafes and restaurants with your smartphone.

What’s more: new navigation design, long-awaited Stories.
New in Kcell 4.2.0
We’ve learnt how to show unstable signal areas on coverage maps, standardized graphic banner sizes, improved the design of the “Services” and “Applications Showcase” pages, redesigned the “Activated Services” section and added a tab that lists services with one-time payment.
New in Kcell 4.1.3
We renamed the "Finance" section to OGO. But that's not all...

OGO Bonus
We accrue bonuses for bonuses! Activate the OGO Bonus account in the OGO section, pay for services from the balance and receive up to 90% out of bonuses. You can use them to pay, share and top up your balance.

Besides that:
¹ We added push notifications, promising to send only interesting offers.
² We configured the display of tariff plan, bonuses, packages, services and notifications for the "Contract phone" promotion.
New in Kcell 4.1.2
This release has been really challenging for our team: we wanted to add the Mobile Circle tariff to the application with a simple and intuitive interface. And we think we’ve managed to do it.

We have also added a find function in the Finance section, as well as ID Net payments and fixed a couple of bugs in the Roaming section.
New in Kcell 4.0.21
In this version, we have extended the functionality and fixed some bugs.

Now you can:

· Get a replacement SIM (Starter pack);

· Book a visit to our office;

· View transaction status and details in the ‘Top up’ section.
New in Kcell 4.0.20
This version of application contains small improvements.
New in Kcell 4.0.17
Keep your app updated and you won't miss out on the new features we're working on. In this version:
* added search to make it easier to find what you're looking for;
* added caching to make pages open faster.

Also now you can rate the app without leaving it.
New in Kcell 4.0.15
We're coming out of beta!
Thank you for coming this way with us! Please update the app to make sure it worked correctly.
New in Kcell 3.0.11
Stability has been improved and application errors fixed
New in Kcell 3.0.10
We updated the appearance of the main page and redesigned the logic for requesting feedback. Nothing noticeable at first glance, but worth a try — now definitely better.
New in Kcell 3.0.9
Stability has been improved and application errors fixed
New in Kcell 3.0.8
Stability has been improved and application errors fixed
New in Kcell 3.0.7
Stability has been improved and application errors fixed
New in Kcell 3.0.6
Stability has been improved and application errors fixed
New in Kcell 3.0.5
Stability has been improved and application errors fixed
New in Kcell 2.4.2
Temporary password shortening
New in Kcell 2.0.3
New in Kcell 2.0.5
Recommendations: now the application recommends tariffs, add-ons and / or services.

Password reset: if you forgot your password, there is one more way to reset password – using the code provided by operator.

Design: check out the new design of some app elements.
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