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Description of Namaz Vaktim

Diyanet NAMAZ VAKTİM Application has been renewed in order to adapt to the new features that come with the ANDROID 12 operating system update. The Android 12 operating system update has just started to be implemented and is in the testing phase on various phones. For this reason, if you are having trouble downloading the application, we recommend that you get information from the link below.


PRAYER VAKTIM ANDROID 11 INSTALLATION videos You can go to the link below and watch it on the YouTube channel of the Turkish Republic Presidency of Religious Affairs, DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, and have information about how to make the necessary permission settings.

The application called "Prayer Vakti", one of our mobile applications of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, was developed by a company with old technology and although it received many complaints and criticisms, it was an application that was never updated by the company for about 2 years. Unfortunately, the key store and passwords necessary for the company to be updated by us. Our citizens, who have previously installed this application on their phones, have become inoperable as the IOS and Android operating systems have been updated, as it has already been developed with old technology. Because our Presidency does not support this application, which was removed from the air about 2 years ago.

The Mobile application called "Prayer Vaktim", which has been re-developed by the personnel of our Presidency for Prayer Times, has been on the air for 2 years and includes many new features.

After removing the outdated "Prayer Time" application from your phone, we recommend that you clean the application history and install our updated application.

Because the New NAMAZ VAKTİM application :

-Even when the application is closed or not in use, it collects location data in order to detect the center closest to your location and give prayer times, and to make alarms, prayer times notification bar and widget function more accurate, so you need to allow the application to run in the background.
-You need to make sure that the battery optimization is not restricted and that you have given the location permission to the application.
- The first page automatically detects the closest center to your location and gives you prayer times.
- There is a background that makes the time easy to perceive.
- Easy access to Alarm On/Off.
- There is a timely reminder feature for alarms.
- There is an early reminder feature for alarms up to 1 hour before.
- It includes the feature of selecting the desired alarm sound.
- Contains a list of monthly prayer times.
- There is a Hijri calendar.
- Advanced Qibla compass is available.
- You can add unlimited locations.
- Easy transition between locations is provided.
- Provides easy access to the current Religious Days calendar (selectable by year).
- Feedback, requests and suggestions can be sent from within the application.
-You can send the phone brand, model and version information to the e-mail address mobilhizmetler@diyanet.gov.tr ​​by supporting the problems you experience with the application with up-to-date visuals in a clear and understandable way.

Version history Namaz Vaktim
New in Namaz Vaktim 2.5.8
- Bazı marka telefonların kendi harita servislerini kullanımdan çekmesinden kaynaklı "Konum Ekle" özelliğinde düzenleme yapıldı.
New in Namaz Vaktim 2.4.9
- Uygulama anasayfasında ufak değişiklikler yapıldı.
New in Namaz Vaktim 2.4.7
- "Dini Günler ve Geceler" menüsü içerisindeki bilgi sekmesinin açılma problemi giderildi.
- "Dini Günler ve Geceler" menüsüne Rusça dil desteği sağlandı.
- Moğolca dil desteği sağlandı.
- Kazakça dil desteği sağlandı.
New in Namaz Vaktim 2.4.6
Ana ekrandaki namaz vakitlerinin tasarımında iyileştirmeler yapıldı.
New in Namaz Vaktim 2.3.5
Güncellemeden sonra widget ve/veya bildirim çubuğunda hata alan kullanıcılar uygulamayı tekrar çalıştırarak bu sorunu giderebilirler.
- Tespit edilen ufak hatalar giderildi.
- Performans iyileştirmesi yapıldı.
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