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Description of Nfield CAPI

This app requires you to sign in using interviewer credentials for the Nfield CAPI for Android data collection platform.

Nfield CAPI for Android is the face-2-face interviewing app for NIPO’s Nfield data collection platform. Nfield is the leading survey solution for the market research. Every day over 10,000 interviewers worldwide use an Nfield product to conduct market research surveys.

Nfield CAPI includes everything required for interviewers to manage and complete any interviews assigned to them by a market research company.

Nfield CAPI was designed to support tablets using Android 7.1 or later, although we recommend using more recent version of Android. For guidance on the best device options, please check our device guidance: https://www.nipo.com/select-the-right-devices-for-your-capi-projects

Version history Nfield CAPI
New in Nfield CAPI 2.3
This update contains several stability and performance improvements. There are no new features is this release that would affect your interviewers.
• Syncing is possible again when the ‘send database on sync’ is enabled.
• Improvements are made in the speed of syncing between the Nfield CAPI app and the domain.
New in Nfield CAPI 2.2.2
Fixes issue where the app would not start for some device languages.
New in Nfield CAPI 2.2.1
This new version fixes an issue where the app could become unstable when the first sync of a new user fails.
New in Nfield CAPI 2.1
This new version contains the following:
- New styling throughout the whole app
- A new menu display (hamburger menu on the left instead of the dots on the right)
- Differently styled and re-organized settings page
- A save option when creating new addresses
New in Nfield CAPI 1.123.001
Changes April 6:
We are laying the foundation for a new feature that will be released later in Q2 2020, the Audit Trail. It will allow you to keep track of the actions of the interviewer during the survey, and can be used for a/o quality control purposes.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.121.002
Changes March 4:
we reverted a change in yesterday's release, that would sometimes prevent an interview from starting, resulting in a white screen.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.122.001
Fixed an issue where syncing large files would end up in the device not syncing anymore.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.121.001
Fixed an issue where syncing large files would end up in the device not syncing anymore
New in Nfield CAPI 1.121.000
changes February 4:
- We fixed a scenario where the interviewer could not continue interviewing when the Nfield CAPI app gets updated while there still is a suspended interview present on the device.
- We addressed an issue where the media files of discarded interviews were still present on the device.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.120.000
Changes January 2020:
We have fixed an issue where you were unable to view sampling points when the device was set to the Thai language.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.119.001
Changes 20 December 2019:
- fixed an issue in the order of processing css files from templates and themes
New in Nfield CAPI 1.119.000
Stability improvements
New in Nfield CAPI 1.115.000
- improved performance for translated multiple choice questions in multi-language surveys
New in Nfield CAPI 1.113.002
Fixes a rare issue with a "Unable to log in" after updating to the previous version (1.113.001)
New in Nfield CAPI 1.111.000
Changes July 24:
We fixed an issue where the interviewer was unable to continue an appointment as a result of closing the Nfield CAPI app in an abrupt manner.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.109.002
Changes June 12th:
This update addresses an issue caused by special characters in a file name when using the Odin command *REC. The special characters would prevent the Nfield CAPI client from syncing.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.109.001
Changes June 6:
- added appointment scheduling through Odin script
New in Nfield CAPI 1.107.000
Added functionality to recover lost data
New in Nfield CAPI 1.106.000
Changes 4 April 2019:
- fixed an issue where the Start interview button would become unresponsive after being grayed out.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.104.000
Changes 21 Feb 2019:
- We have fixed an issue where a new template requires 2 syncs before related themes for that template become active.
- We have fixed an issue where themes for a template are not removed from the device when the template is changed.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.103.001
Changes 7 February 2019:
- several fixes for CAPI surveys with sampling points with quota and addresses
- several fixes for using the Nfield CAPI app in region China
New in Nfield CAPI 1.100.000
Changes 15 Nov. 2018:
- fixed an issue where Android 8 would sometimes interrupt the Nfield CAPI app service. A notification bar has been added to prevent the disruption.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.99.001
Extended automatic sync options with open answers and media files
Addressed issue where progress was not stored when the app was forcefully rebooted by the operating system
New in Nfield CAPI 1.98.001
Update to support location tracking to be switched on or off per survey
New in Nfield CAPI 1.96.000
Changes 6 September 2018:
- Fixed an issue with *matrix questions that would sometimes prevent silent recordings
New in Nfield CAPI 1.95.000
- Asks consent for using the camera/microphone/gps when starting the app (and no longer during installation). It is important to ALLOW these otherwise the app will not start.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.94.000
Changes 14 June 2018:
- fixed an issue with log encryption/decryption
New in Nfield CAPI 1.93.000
Fixes issue related to losing the network connection during a statistics only sync. Interviewers would sometimes see the message that they had been unassigned from a survey after a failed sync, and the survey would not be visible to them until they synced again.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.92.000
Changes 28 March 2018:
- PI is sent to sampletable
New in Nfield CAPI 1.91.000
15 March 2018:- addressed an issue where script execution can sometimes be impacted when auto sync is enabled
New in Nfield CAPI 1.90.000
Changes 28 February 2018:- added support for long *LIST with filters
New in Nfield CAPI 1.89.002
Update 5 Feb 2018:- improved performance for surveys with nested *repeat or *subroutine
New in Nfield CAPI 1.89.001
- Autosave is enabled by default for new installs- China Nfield server has been added to the Settings menu- fixed an issue where Interview Engine generates wrong question ID when subroutine is under condition
New in Nfield CAPI 1.88.000
Change 4 Jan:- Added a new Logging level
New in Nfield CAPI 1.87.001
- Avoid stopwatch to stop ticking when device enters sleep mode- Fixed an issue with survey counts after a partial sync
New in Nfield CAPI 1.85.000
Changes 31 Aug 2017:- added a fallback mechanism to prevent issues in a future update.
New in Nfield CAPI 1.84.000
Changes 15 Aug 2017:- fixed an issue where error logging could sometimes influence app performance
New in Nfield CAPI 1.79.000
Changes April 19th 2017:- Various changes to speed up the sync process- Added settings so you can choose a sync mode that fits your device and network- Syncing progress is stored; If a sync is interrupted, consecutive syncs will be faster- Added an option to store interview progress, to enable resume after a crash
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