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Description of NizTheWiz

NizTheWiz mobile app with fully embedded management algorithms, live GPS tracking for local same day on-demand deliveries. Complete mobile management from collection to delivery. Accountability, responsibility and transparency in the last mile logistics chain.

Cost effective and one pair of hands from collection to delivery.

Crowdsourced fleet of independent couriers, excellent earning opportunity for supplementary income.

Version history NizTheWiz
New in NizTheWiz 3.0.1
-Migration of API
-Courier job listing and job search will now show single line of delivery instruction to remind courier on special steps as instructed by customer.
New in NizTheWiz 2.9.4
Minor update
New in NizTheWiz 2.9.2
Customer route maestro added courier direction plotted towards drop off point
New in NizTheWiz 2.9.1
Minor UI update
New in NizTheWiz 2.8.5
Added handling to show next day and same day budget icon for map and customer create/edit/bulk booking page
New in NizTheWiz 2.8.2
Bug fix on courier job detail not showing data
New in NizTheWiz 2.6.2
-Minor update
-5 types of package selection instead of 3
New in NizTheWiz 2.5.6
-Minor bug fix
-Auto popup new announcement
-Package type tap to auto complete for booking dimension
New in NizTheWiz 2.4.5
-Minor bug fix
-Added chat bubble in job listing
New in NizTheWiz 2.4.0
-Minor bug fix
-Courier Application will now be available in app instead of web
New in NizTheWiz 2.3.4
Introducing user chat. Courier and customer can now chat with each when the job is assigned.
New in NizTheWiz 2.3.3
Resolved push notification id not updated
New in NizTheWiz 2.2.9
Fix on the courier map icon sizing issue.
New in NizTheWiz 2.2.5
-Courier Job listing added pickup ready time and drop off closing time for easier reference
-Customer profile added checking to divert user to update their profile if they first signed up and haven setup their profile address and location
-Customer added bulk booking to easily create multiple repeating booking from their address book
New in NizTheWiz 2.2.3
-Courier can now resubmit job collection image and comment, Just go to job detail and click on top right button to update
-Fix on customer booking crash issue and bug fix
-Third party job added view rating and view proof of delivery
New in NizTheWiz 2.2.0
-Major update to customer create/edit booking flow.
-Added Third Party Job where any Consignee can now register an Account with NizTheWiz to view the Job Detail, track and call the courier by using their email address used for their delivery
New in NizTheWiz 2.1.4
Customer can now share their own profile or their address book with others. Especially useful when we need to share particular with consignor who use NizTheWiz service and skip the hassle to key in address detail.
New in NizTheWiz 2.1.2
-Bug fix on customer edit next day booking misconfigured booking date to today's date.
-Updated the font size on job listing and bid listing
-Updated the bid icon in the bid listing for courier
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