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Screenshots of Oktillion
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
  • Oktillion (free)
Description of Oktillion (free)

New Era sliding puzzle - 3D! More than 320 octillion combinations!

Collect the pieces in the initial position and earn a coin or a key to open the next game.

Game 2D - it's the usual sliding puzzle, where in addition to the chips you can find pictures. Some of them becomes animated after they were assembled.

Game 3D - This is new barley-break, where instead of chips - volumetric cubes.
Cubes are numbered and have different color sides.
When moving they unfold in a different color.

The game has a high level of complexity.

You can collect any color (as you can) but by in order and color in the center, top, and right.

From any starting position you will be available 322,357,875,204,953,498,173,046,784,000
combinations of color + positions cubes.

The author guarantees the opportunity to build on all levels!

This puzzle is worthy to hold competitions in its assembly.
The author learned to collect the cubes for 10 - 15 minutes.
You can collect them?
Wish you good luck!

The total number of possible combinations of color cube - 24. n
The total number of possible combinations of color + position cubes -
10,563,022,854,715,916,089,541,836,800,000,000 combinations.

(The free version of 3D game is limited to 100 steps).

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