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Screenshots of Overdrop
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
  • Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
Description of Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast

Powered by leading weather forecast providers – like Dark Sky Weather, AccuWeather, and WeatherBit – Overdrop Weather helps you stay one step ahead. Use the 96-hour radar map, pick from over 50 beautiful widgets, stay on top of the weather with severe condition alerts, and set one of six appearances – from white to grey or OLED black.

Detailed hyperlocal weather data. With live weather forecasts from leading providers, Overdrop Weather ensures you never get caught in a storm. Rain or shine, our comprehensive weather reports give you instant access to weather data such as temperature including ‘feels like,’ wind speed, rain, hail, snow, the UV index, cloud cover, pressure, humidity, and visibility.

Severe weather alerts. Live in confidence with alerts for severe weather conditions. A detailed weather index alerts you about threats like extreme storms, helping you stay safe. And Overdrop Weather sends crucial alerts to your notifications, so you don’t miss a thing.

24-hour weather forecast. Use our beautiful temperature, wind, and rain graphs to see what weather lies ahead. We visualise data on timelines so it’s easy to spot fluctuations. (For example, a storm is denoted by a hump in the rain graph, and the temperature graph indicates heatwaves.) And with 7-day weather forecast, plan up to a week in advance.

7-day weather forecast. Plan up to a week in advance with forecasts for the next seven days. Informative icons and brief overviews mean that what’s next – be it sunshine, storms, or freezing temperatures – is crystal clear. That’s one less thing to worry about.

Customisable weather notification. Get live updates with a beautiful weather notification, so you never get caught in a storm. Customise the notification’s appearance – from icons to position and colour – and subscribe to daily weather updates. Temperature in Status Bar displays a compact icon at the top of your screen.

Weather radar. Use radar maps to stay one step ahead. Pick from three radar map types – flat, spherical, and butterfly – and four radar layers – temperature, wind, rain, and humidity. Radar is powered by the Global Forecast System and data from EMC, NCEP, NWS, and NOAA. Information collected by a global radar network helps pinpoint precipitation like drizzles, storms, or snowfall, and the GWS runs a mathematical analysis to map upcoming changes.

Home screen widgets. Pick from over fifty standalone widgets showcasing live weather forecast, time, and battery status. This includes the At a Glance widget from Pixel Launcher. Overdrop Weather widgets work with any home app and don’t require third-party tools.

3 weather providers. Use Dark Sky Weather1, AccuWeather, or WeatherBit – some of the leading live hyperlocal weather forecast providers – all from one place. Switch weather providers anytime in Settings → Weather Provider.

Privacy built-in. Overdrop Weather has privacy built-in, so location data never leaves your device. And we never connect to your Google Account or other sign-in services.

1Dark Sky Weather is available through 2021.

Version history Overdrop Weather Tomorrow - Dark Sky Forecast
New in Overdrop
- Changed ads type in weather section
- Minor fixes
New in Overdrop 1.6.1
- Redesigned weather alerts layout
- improved weather radar resolution
- improved weather radar UI
- improved weather radar loading time
- fixed crash - improved widget gallery UI
- fixed wrong Dark theme preview
- Added Open Weather Map as a new weather provider
- Changed system for disabling battery optimization option when applying a widget
- Fixed the weekly forecast showing always 0% rain chance
New in Overdrop 1.6.0
– Redesigned, information-rich weather radar.
– New onboarding interface.
– Smoother illustration animations.
– New theme: Realistic.
– Refined illustrations in Light and Space themes.
– Themes button moved to More Options.
– Revised Albanian, Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Italian translations.
Upgrade to Pro in notification settings now opens plan selection as the Pro Key has been discontinued.
New in Overdrop 1.5.8
- Improved general performances
- Small bug fixes
New in Overdrop 1.5.7
- UI improvements
- The daily forecast widget now shows the current day as the first in the list
New in Overdrop
- NEW Weather Radar with 4 layers (Temperature, Rain, Wind and Humidity)
- Fixed weather notification text not visible with dark mode on Android 10
New in Overdrop
- Small performance fixes
New in Overdrop 1.5.2
- 1 new dynamic weather widget
- 1 new standard weather widget
- fixed issue that didn't show the correct timezone on widget while travelling
New in Overdrop 1.5.1
- improved UI of the details weather section
- improved the onboarding UI elements
- updated UI weekly weather section when expanded
- updated subscription layout
- updated battery optimization layout
- updated translations
- added option to hide the animated illustrations
- fixed issue when you had to press the back button twice to close the app
New in Overdrop 1.4.17
- fixed crash when you changed option in app settings
- fixed problem when you add a location manually in the app onbaording
- fixed issue where you get to close the app twice
New in Overdrop 1.4.16
- Fixed widgets not updating when you choose the 1x1 grid
- Fixed text size on weather widget
New in Overdrop 1.4.15
- Added 2 new widgets
- Reversed min and max temperature (now max temp is showed first)
- Added 1x1 widget's grid size
New in Overdrop 1.4.12
- Redesigned widget gallery
- Improved visibility icons on illustrations
- Fixed Android P Weather that shows rain "---" when Accuweather is set as provider
New in Overdrop 1.4.10
Fixed subscription not recognized
New in Overdrop 1.4.5
- Fixed weather not loading when app is not removed from recent apps
- Fixed autocomplete locations issue
New in Overdrop 1.3.2
We made a really big update, we have rewritten the code of the app from scratch in order to improve its performance and add new features faster, hope you will enjoy it.

Biggest changes are listed below:
- Added WeatherBit as an additional weather provider
- Improved the load speed of the app
- Improved the speed when you switch between cities
- Optimized the GPS battery usage
- Fixed issue that the app didn't detect the Pro key
- Added inHg pressure unit
- Added knots wind unit
New in Overdrop 1.1.10
- Little fix
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