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Description of PC Creator 2 - Computer Tycoon

PC Creator 2 is an upgraded 2.0 version of a simulator game PC Creator. In this game, you can try yourself as a PC builder, an owner of the mining farm and a computer shop like a business tycoon at the same time. During the game process, you need to complete your service's client's orders. You provide almost all services, which refer to computer: build a PC from the ground up, install software or game, change computer, complete orders, become bitcoin miner or dogecoin miner and lots more.

User-friendly interface
Our designers make all their best and were working for long hours before they finished this ideal interface part, so you could enjoy idle miner even more:
○ Brand new HD graphics
○ Comfortable elements' location
○ Exciting animations of elements
○ White or dark play mode

Also, we have several big changes for you that will make you want to play more and more discovering new features in this mining tycoon and PC part picker.
★ 3000+ hardware and PC parts
★ Real live courses for bitcoin miner, dogecoin miner and ethereum miner fans of mining tycoon
★ IT conferences where companies show you new products, so you could unlock and use them for your computers after completing fun mini games
★ Improved online gaming shop where you can order new details
★ Huge trade platform! Now you can trade your PC parts with other players around the world
★ Interactive OS. Now you can do much more using your in-game PC
★ New Chrome OS added
★ Orders via messengers and dialogues. Now you can negotiate the price for your work with clients
★ Updated profile customization
All, mentioned above, was developed for comfortable controlling all game and idle miner processes.

Create your PC from scratch
PC Creator 2 gives you the unique opportunity to build a computer, starting from choosing computer parts and finishing with installing the operating system, testing various software and games. So, PC building, installing of operating systems, drivers, games and software is in your hands. Also, you will be able to trade as a bitcoin miner or dogecoin miner.

Wide choice of accessories
If there are a lot of computer parts in free “PC Creator 2”, but now there are thousands of real PC details. A lot more computer components are waiting for you. Just imagine how you will overlook them to the top and enjoy this mining tycoon game.

Improve your service center
During the game, you need to complete your service center’s clients’ commissions. For completed tasks, you will receive experience and money. With each new task, you will move step-by-step to purchasing modern equipment, office, and upgrading your service center.

Learn how to improve your PC
Based on the fact that PC Creator 2 was developed as realistic as possible, so that is a great opportunity to learn how to shake out the bugs, improve your PC. You will also learn how to choose new, more powerful, and compatible computer parts. Moreover, our game will teach you to fix your PC, clear it from viruses, become a bitcoin miner and lots more.

The opportunity to install popular operating systems
Linux, macOS, Windows, Chrome OS are available to install in our game. We tried to make all processes of installing very realistic.
Simulation of programs
There is a built-in simulator of PC work, with help of which are available next functions:
○ Installing of operating systems
○ Installing, simulation of software and games

You probably think that it is impossible to do all this in one app on your smartphone. But our game will prove the contrary and change your opinion.

Ask for some advice or share it with others in the public game chat. PC Creator also provides you an opportunity to participate in contests and win some valuable prizes.

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/EsE9fCS8

Version history PC Creator 2 - Computer Tycoon
New in PC Creator 2 4.3.0
Spring has sprung with a basket full of joy and surprises! Join us for the celebration of Easter and take part in Easter Crypto Rush to win an event PC, epic crate and a unique room!

List of changes:
- Event Crypto Rush
- Event Season Pass
- Easter Room
- Easter Items
- Fixed problems with quests
- Fixed problems with room customization
- Fixed problems with hacking
- Fixed problems with leaderboards
- Fixed other bugs
New in PC Creator 2 4.2.5

Join us for the celebration of Lunar New Year and make memories that will last well beyond the festivities. Take part in Lunar Crypto Rush to win an event PC, epic crate and a unique room!

List of changes:
- Event Crypto Rush
- Event Season Pass
- Lunar Room
- Lunar Items
- Fixed item duplication
- Fixed game optimization
- Fixed other minor bugs
New in PC Creator 2 4.2.1

Most of the bugs related to the main game systems have been fixed in this update. Including a bug that prevented some players from entering the game.

In general, bugs were fixed with:
- Game loading
- Quests
- Furniture selecting
- Room lightning
- Player visiting
- Leaderboards
- Hacking
- Trading
- Chats
- Interface on tablets
New in PC Creator 2 4.2.0

List of changes:
- Christmas Crypto Rush
- Christmas Room
- Christmas Items
- Room Furniture Changes
- New Types of Furniture
- Neon Room Lighting
New in PC Creator 2 4.1.5

List of changes:
1. Halloween Crypto Rush
2. Halloween Room
3. Halloween PC Case
4. Halloween Videocards
5. Fixed issuing rewards
6. Improved game optimization
New in PC Creator 2 4.1.4

Compete for the title of the best computer service! Put as much effort as possible to get into the leaderboard in terms of PC power and amount of cryptocurrency mined.

List of changes:

- Power Leaderboard
- Mining Leaderboard
- Crypto Event
- Item Sets
- Bonus and penalty PC score
- Autofilter in the shop and inventory
- New Season items
- Fixed item duplication
- Optimized game performance
New in PC Creator 2 4.0.0
Now you can repair items yourself and clean them from dust!

-Cleaning mode
-Repair mode
-Diagnostics mode
-UltraScan program
-OCCT program
-New Epic item

-Updated Overclocking mode
-Redesigned App Manager
-Redesigned BIOS
-Updated order and quest systems
-Updated daily tasks
-Updated the plot and added new characters
-Changed income from mining, orders, and quests
-Changed power of hacker attacks
-Changed pattern of selection of opponents in hacking
New in PC Creator 2 3.5.4

List of changes:
1. New Operating Systems (Windows 11, MacOS)
2. New Season items
3. Optimized Gaming Process
4. Fixed several bugs
New in PC Creator 2 3.5.3
List of changes:
1. Fixed item duplication
2. Fixed item disappearing
3. Optimized game process
4. Fixed visual bugs
5. Fixed other minor bugs
New in PC Creator 2 3.5.2
List of changes:
1. Fixed item duplication
2. Fixed item disappearing
3. Optimized game process
4. Fixed visual bugs
5. Fixed other minor bugs
New in PC Creator 2 3.5.0
Spring holidays are coming to PC Creator 2! It's time to prepare for Easter and stock up on unique items. Play Event Wheel and the new Season Pass to complete your PC collection. Happy holidays and have a nice game!

List of changes:
- Easter Event
- New Season Pass
- Event Wheel
- Easter Room
- New Season Items
- Fixed Item Duplication
- Fixed Game Optimization
- Fixed Minor Bugs
New in PC Creator 2 3.4.9
Make a powerful PC with a new set of Epic items and manage the desktop by dragging shortcuts across the screen!

List of changes:
- New Epic items
- New Season items
- Shortcut management
- Fixed Portuguese, Spanish and Indonesian translation
- Improved optimization
- Fixed some bugs
New in PC Creator 2 2.0.0

- Gaming System Requirements
- Total Disk Space
- Start Menu
- Trojans
- System Errors
- Overheating
- New Games
- New Program
- New Wallpapers
- Animated Wallpapers
- Optimized BIOS system
- Monitor Backlight
- Global Chat
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