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Screenshots of TDH
  • Pocket Adventures of TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer)
  • Pocket Adventures of TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer)
  • Pocket Adventures of TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer)
  • Pocket Adventures of TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer)
Description of Pocket Adventures of TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer)

βš”οΈ A simple RPG for those who are tired of complex and difficult RPGs!

Welcome to the small world where TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer) go on an adventure.

-A light and breezy game that isn't even 30MB.
-@ A game that can be played without an internet connection.
- An easy and casual Idle RPG with no steep learning curve.
-@ A free indie game where you don't have to compete with others.
-@ Recommended to those who wish to play their way.
- An indie game developed by a single person.

πŸ‘€ A healing and fun experience with 3 adorable characters

-@ A blue-haired tank who will be your shieldπŸ›‘οΈ
-@ A mage DPS who utilizes cool flame magicπŸ”₯
-@ A healer who supports the team with holy powerπŸ™

Sometimes it's quite nice to just absentmindedly follow these 3 on their adventure.

✨ Cute graphics and vibes

- One-man developer indie game vibes that can be felt through its distinctive graphics
-@ 5 beautiful maps
- 7 cute animal buddies
- 7 types of cutesy costumes for our brave TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer) warriors

Change costumes for your TDH (Tank, DPS, Healer) warriors according to the purpose and situation. Each costume has different skills.

πŸŒ€ Customize your skills

- Combine 23 skills however you'd like
- Experience powerful fire skills, thunder skills, and dash attacks
-@ Survive against bosses by using the heal skill
- Enjoy gameplay that suits your life style with the training mode skill and berserker mode skill

You can make your own skill combos to suit your play style. There is no one answer. If it fits your style, go for it.

πŸ•ΉοΈ Easy gameplay

-@ There is no competition. Just enjoy it at your own pace.

β›Ί If you desire a grander adventure

What if you did or didn't enjoy the game?
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Report any bugs or send any suggestions to prismathunderdev@gmail.com

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