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Screenshots of PsychiXX
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
  • PsychiXX ~ Mystic Love ~ Otome
Description of PsychiXX~Amour mystique~Otome

Love simulation game (Otome game) playable for free.

Mikio Reizei 1st story
Yu Iseki 1st story
Matisse 1st story
Masamune Izukashi 1st story
Valentine 1st story

You are in the shoes of a policewoman, investigating a series of strange phenomena involving people with superpowers.
Love of course, but also action and mysteries to unravel ... A thriller in the making.
Immerse yourself in this exciting love game and discover its many characters!

Join the world of Japanese Otome games!

◆ Presentation of charismatic characters
Naotake Kiryu
Judicial police inspector. Elite graduate from a major American university. Not really talkative, but also not withdrawn, his way of speaking is both virile and wild.
Kaoru Jyosako
Director of the international Chatrade commercial group. Often sarcastic, he has an icy aura and is self-centered.
Kei Murasame
The Prophet. It exudes a soothing aura. He is a handsome, very influential young man surrounded by an enigmatic atmosphere.
Yusuke Tsukimori
A new recruit among inspectors. Bad boy, frivolous and seductive .. Perhaps his impudence towards you is a sign that you like him?
Raiji Odou
He is part of the Chatrade group but he tends to act like a lone wolf. He has great pride and a vexing spirit.
Takuya Hioki
He lives in the same building as you, he's been your neighbor for 7 years. He is very sociable but a little good for nothing. Although he is older, he is like a little brother to you.
Shiori Noujou
He is Mr. Kiryu's subordinate and your colleague. A tough guy with a tender heart who tends to tease the girls he loves.
Takaaki Narisawa
Man capable of changing hatred, jealousy and the power of failure into destructive force. Sadistic, brutal and arrogant.
Mikio Reizei
Another prophet. Its existence is very enigmatic.

On a day of rest,
I was confronted with a whole series of strange facts which particularly marked me.
Behind these facts, people with special faculties acted in the shadows.
And the Hand of Evil attacked me while I investigated these matters.
Behind all that hid a big a big secret ..
A great story of psychic love!
The perfect Otome game

◆ In the event of a problem
Start by seeing if the solution to your problem is not found in the help section, accessible via the menu of "PsychiXX - Psychic love -".
If despite this your problem is not resolved, contact us via the "Contact Us" section of the game menu, and explain everything to us.
Also, if you can't open the app,
please contact our customer service by sending an email to the following address. [Csaccela@gmail.com]

Version history PsychiXX~Amour mystique~Otome
New in PsychiXX 1.0.4
New & Upcoming Games(Jeux nouveaux et à venir)
Mikio Reizei 1ère histoire
Yu Iseki 1ère histoire
Matisse 1ère histoire
Masamune Izukashi 1ère histoire
Valentin 1ère histoire
New in PsychiXX 1.0.3
New & Upcoming Games(Jeux nouveaux et à venir)
-Kaoru Jyosako 5ème histoire partie 5 est sorti!
-Mikio Reizei 1ère histoire Beginne mit der 1st story!(15 octobre)
-Yu Iseki Beginne mit der 1st story!(novembre)
New in PsychiXX 1.0.2
Update of May 5, 2017: - Addition of the story of Nojyo Shiori Update of November 7, 2016: - Added the temporary story "Secret Meeting with Yusuke".
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