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(Introductory Paragraph-a sample is drafted here)
MSC Shipmanagement Limited recognizes the need to focus on continual improvement of its efforts to communicate the various vessel procedures, training procedures, safety procedures, office procedures etc to the personnel both ashore and onboard. The aim of this manual is to encourage the provision of information, training, instruction etc on the procedures as per the standards.

(Content Description Paragraph-a sample is drafted here)
The application gives an overview as well as a detailed display for the various procedures in various titles such as office procedure manual, vessel procedure manual, safety & quality management manual. The application lets the users to remain updated on the latest amendments on the data & contents related to these procedures and instructions. Each segment is shown separately to distinguish each other easily. The chapter wise and subchapter wise divisions are easily navigatable so that the user can fetch the data quickly as per requirement. The app is designed to display the contents while offline/online.
The data/contents have been displayed in an order which is numbered so as to recognise the path of section/subsection. The content is displayed in textual format basically and is also supported by images/tables etc. The provision of search function enables a user to fetch a data/content related to the key word typed in. Display of Highlighted Data is available in this version. This feature support colour based data display.
The sections are also pdf supportive and is openable to read out. The versions with latest changes ( if it has earlier versions) are selectable from the content window. All the versions for the content are available inside the manual.
The personnel/users can update the data regarding changes in procedures/chapters/subchapters by navigating to the last amendments section. The section is listed as per different categories of log out sessions/periods.

(Features description Paragraph-a sample is drafted here)
* Enhanced security of the app-Biometric lock/ PIN lock
* Offline/Online Readability
* Section wise display of the manual
* Chapter wise/ subchapter wise listing of contents
* Last login periods availability.
* Latest amendments section
* Progress bar for the data fetch with numerical data display
* Pdf & Image supported content display
* Reload of master data on a single click
* Change password/change PIN options
* Easy Login/Re login features using Biometrics/PIN settings

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