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Screenshots of Red Reactor
  • Red Reactor - 2 Players
  • Red Reactor - 2 Players
  • Red Reactor - 2 Players
Description of Red Reactor - 2 Players

Red Reactor is simple 2 players game based on the classic game of Slap Hands (also known as Hot Hands, Red Hands, Tap Hands, dual hands) with best scenario. It's a game for girls and boys who'd like to play reaction games. Challenge your friends to check who's the first one to get red hand!

How to play Red Reactor :
- Each player stands on each side of the device.
- On the game starts, one player is the attacker and the other is the defender
- The attacker tap to attack and the defender tap to retreat on right time
- The attacker tap will get 1 score and keep attacking role if the attacker hit on the hand of defender on 10 seconds. If not, the role of 2 players will be swapped together.
- The defender should tap retreat to avoid the attacking. The defender will lost a shield if he retreat without attacking. Lost all shields that a free hit will be granted.
- The first player to reach 10 scores wins the game

Have fun playing with Red Reactor !

Version history Red Reactor - 2 Players
New in Red Reactor 13
Fix bugs: en-US
New in Red Reactor 1.0.6
Fix bugs: en-US
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