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Screenshots of Retail Store Simulator
Description of Retail Store Simulator

Dive yourself in the world of shop managing, use your skills to create the best supermarket in the town!

Fill the shelfs with your own hand, furnish and design the shop as you like. Serve the customers, add prices, find out what customers wish for and fulfill it!

Upgrade and customize and expand your store, unlock it to be a supermarket, give it a custom name. A realistic 3d supermarket simulator experience.

Handle payments by bankcard or cash, give back change to the customers using your cash register. Hire employees who will help you to maximize your daily profit and bring in more customer in your supermarket.

Many item to choose from, sell products like bread,milk,oil,cola all kind of general stuff. Reach the highest store level to unlock all items!

Version history Retail Store Simulator
New in Retail Store Simulator 9.0
- New graphics settings (lighting,reflections,render distance)
-Prices are saved, if you already have atleast 1 item from the same type on the same shelf
-Added a new feature in computer, promotion, you can promote your shop and increase the customer rate
-Readded a small icon to see what's inside box
-More customer come in the shop
-NoAds users are still able to click on Money Ad to get extra money but no pop-up ads will be interrupt their gameplay
-Added save game delete button in menu
New in Retail Store Simulator 8.7
- 21 new product added (toilet paper, cat food, etc)
- 90% cheaper licenses
- price reduction of restocker and other employee
- added 2 new fridge, 2 new vending machine
- added advertisement table, you can put it on ceiling and write text on it.
- added 1 new employee, Restocker Lady
- added on screen payment in options, you can pay by using payment HUD
- added better night lighting
- new trash can
- +1 store expansion
- Bank added
- Camera can be viewable in computer
- Higher starting money
New in Retail Store Simulator 6.0
- Restocker put items in warehouse
- BR cash register (if you choose br language)
- License system
- New NPC's
- New City
- New improvements on UI
- Speed up system, you can speed up time if you want to
- Better graphics
- Some small graphics customization options
- Restocker bug fixes
- New box design
- Harder gameplay
- Better loading ( you have to run the game first and then the loading will be better on second run)
- You can colorize shop walls to all kind of colors
- End day bug fix
New in Retail Store Simulator 5.0

This update was mainly focused on bug fixes, new features coming soon. In the future updates we will also introduce new features for warehouses.

- price not save next day fix
- optimization
- slider maximum price will be capped
- incorrect image (pea can, cereal)
- customer face to cashier bug fix
- customer open doors
- restocker bug fixes
- grocery box not saved in warehouse fix
- better loading ( you need to start game first, load will be optimized on second start)

New in Retail Store Simulator 4.0

- game clock fix

- Restocker tag system (restocker will be able to fill empty shelfs if you use the yellow price tag)
- 8 new npc
- Warehouse added
- +1 shop level expansion added
- Customer complain system added
- Fruits and vegetables added
- Faster game loading (at first startup the game will load slow then auto-optimize your save game and after starting again it will be better)
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