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Description of RoboRemoDemo

One app for ALL your DIY projects!
Bluetooth control your Arduino Robot or ESP8266 WiFi and many others including PIC, AVR, 8051 or BLE connect to Micro:bit. Can also connect via USB Serial adapter.

Fast prototyping - build custom interface to configure your robot.
In-app Editor with drag and drop.

Example projects:

App. manual:

RoboRemoDemo is 100% free, No ads, No collecting data.

RoboRemoDemo is limited to 5 items per interface (not counting menu button, text fields and touch stoppers).

RoboRemo Full version does not have any limit.

App. intended for personal, non-commercial use only.

End-User License Agreement:

Privacy Policy:

Version history RoboRemoDemo
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.5.0
- separate input fields for address and port for TCP and UDP connection
- extended color options for sliders, level indicators and LEDs
- custom line color for plots
- custom color and text size for labels and buttons text
- new UI item: joystick
- division (/) support in interactive labels (of level indicator / slider / plot)
- multi-line support in button text and item labels
- fixed bug in USB drivers. More boards supported now, including ST-LINK/V2-1 found on STM32 Nucleo-64 boards.
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.4.5
fixed bug introduced in v2.4.2 where status bar was displayed on top of the interface on some devices and was not hiding.
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.4.4
- improved parsing for the address:port input field
- fixed some bugs.
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.4.2
- set targetSdkVersion 31
- redesigned app launcher icons
- app renamed to RoboRemoDemo
- rewritten parts of the app code for better maintainability
- improved menu design
- fixed some bugs
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.3.6
Fixed website links. Our new website is roboremo.app
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.3.5
- removed the “free full version” experimental promotion
- temporary removed links to other apps in “About” screen, as that view requires redesign with more info about the advertised apps.
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.3.4
- fixed “item paste” bug
- fixed some bugs in the USB Serial connection
- now items can be copied from one interface and pasted to another one
- added interface setting to select touch processing mode (exact / nearest item)
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.3.3
- code cleanup & some optimizations
- fixed some bugs
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.3.2
- fixed more BLE issues
- added refresh button to BLE manual Service Selection
- TCP Server now displays server IP
- UI improvements
- fixed UI bugs
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.3.1
- connection establishment process redesign
- UI improvements
- fixed BLE issues
- fixed issue with app hanging in "Please wait..."
- fixed bug related to disabling button custom image
- fixed some other bugs
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.3.0
- improved some items appearance
- fixed some bugs
- redesigned items settings screen (now all settings appear in one screen – easier to see and faster to configure)
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.2.0
- fixed file access for Android Q
- code cleanup & some optimizations
- options added in menu → about:
- share this app
- links to related apps you may like
- interface →share (Android 5.1 and up)
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.1.6
- fixed some bugs
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.1.5
- updated targetSdkVersion to 29
- fixed some bugs
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.1.4
- updated targetSdkVersion to 26
- fixed some bugs
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.1.3
Fixed some bugs.
New in RoboRemoDemo 2.1.2
v2.1.2:- fixed bug where clearing an interface was not clearing its char delay.- fixed BLE bug where interface's connect action was causing a connection drop.
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