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Description of SPORTSCHAU

The sports show app provides you with the most important news and background information from the world of sports. With our live tickers, live audio streams and video streams, you won't miss a thing - not a goal in the Bundesliga, not an overtaking maneuver in Formula 1 and not a breakball in tennis.

In the "Live & Results" area you can see directly what is important today: Which matches have already taken place? Who is playing tonight? And what's live right now?
Football, tennis, Formula 1, basketball, handball, ice hockey, cycling, winter sports and much more - all live tickers, streams and results in one place.

Are you on the road and your club is playing in the Bundesliga? Then listen to the game in full length and without interruptions in the audio report. We broadcast every game from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga from the first to the last minute. You can find the stream, the associated live ticker and lots of statistics about the game in one place - just click on the game in the live area.

You can create your own personal area under “My Sport Show”. Compile your favorite clubs, competitions and sports. All information and results for your favorites are then just a click away.
You also don't want to miss any news or results from your favorite club? Then subscribe to the push notifications here and we will notify you when there is news.

There you can also select the top news push to get all breaking news and special stories and research from the Sportschau editorial team on your smartphone. Or you can choose the push for a specific competition or club - it's up to you.

Are you short on time and want a quick overview of the latest sports news? Then scroll through our news ticker, here you will always find the latest reports from all sports.

As usual, the "Home" area contains all the important information and background information, selected by the Sportschau editors. On the overview there is a general overview of all sports, swipe to the right to get specific information about individual sports.

The ARD sports show app and all content is of course free of charge.

We recommend a flat rate for calling up the live streams and videos from mobile networks, as otherwise connection costs may arise.

We welcome feedback, comments, and ratings!

Version history SPORTSCHAU
New in Sportschau 3.13.3
• New football widget for cup competitions
• Now also live scores in highlight widget
• New widget for Bundesliga women's football
• Bug fix: videos in follow-up reports
• Other smaller bug fixes
New in Sportschau 3.13.2
Performance and stability improvements
New in Sportschau 3.13.1
• Improvements to the audio player:
• Audio played in the app continues after an interruption (call, alarm clock, etc.)
• Improved display of live streams in the native player
• Adjustments to the operation via screen reader:
• Navigation elements are easier to use
• Revision of the Marking and selection option for teasers and audios and videos in contributions
• Identification of external content on overview pages
• Audio and video player easier to use
New in Sportschau 3.12.1
• Improvements to the audio player
• Audio now stops when the app is completely closed
• Other performance and stability improvements
New in Sportschau 3.12.0
• New “Now live” filter in the Live & Results area – see which games and races are currently live with a click
• New headings on overview pages
• More clarity in the favorite club's schedule: Games are now sorted by month
• Video -Player: Fix for control elements that are not hidden
• Info boxes and highlighted quotes are now also displayed in articles
• Further stability and performance improvements
New in Sportschau 3.11.1
• Optimization of table views
• Optimization of internal links
New in Sportschau 3.11.0
• New: Floating player in the article - watch a video and still scroll through the article
• Problems with Chromecast fixed
New in Sportschau 3.10.1
Problems with the push settings solved
New in Sportschau 3.8.4
• Improved reaction of the audio player controls for on-demand audios
• Adaptation of the display of results in the cycling area
• Tablet version: Bugs when playing videos and when setting push messages have been fixed
• Performance and stability improvements
New in Sportschau 3.8.3
• Push settings are now also accessible in the main menu (Home > Gear)
• Improvements to the Tour de France ticker
• Adjustments to the result display in Athletics
• General performance and stability improvements
New in Sportschau 3.6.4
• A problem with the display of external content in the in-app browser has been fixed .
• Adjustments to darkmode icons in the personalization area
New in Sportschau 3.6.3
• Videos can now also be played in live tickers.
• A problem with video transmission on Chromecast has been fixed.
New in Sportschau 3.6.2
• Winter sports-specific improvements for the Live Center views
• Improved results and ranking lists for all winter sports
• Red live indicator and manual updates in winter sports results
lists • Optimization of the conferences for the DFB Cup and Champions League match days with German Participation
• Bugfix for Instagram includes and minor design optimizations
New in Sportschau 3.6.1
• Improvements in live tickers: sorting statistics, showing goals scored for substituted players
• Winter sports: sorting racing calendar by months
• Darkmode: adapting hyperlinks for better readability
• Poor accessibility: improving awards for screen readers (media teaser, navigation elements, live ticker )
New in Sportschau 3.6.0
• Expansion and improvements of the ticker for winter sports
• Adjustments to the accessibility: better labeling of the control elements in the app, Improvements to the contrast
• Improvements in the areas "Live & Results" and "My"
• Integrated Twitter and other includes
• Stability improvements
New in Sportschau 3.5.1
Bug fixes and improvements to the audio and video player.
New in Sportschau 3.4.0
Bug fixes:
- Back button navigation repaired
- PlayerCards: listing of competitions per value improved, rounding errors fixed, season running distance rebuilt
- Bundesliga widget: layout and dark mode improved
- Live ticker : layout problem with substitutions in combination with font size fixed
- audio Players: Clickable areas increased
- mail addresses in the Contacts selectable
- improvements in the association Center, at the statistics, tables, push messages and the settings menu
New in Sportschau 3.3.2
- Adjustments to the line-up graphics
- Adjustments to the conference ticker
- General bug fixes and stability improvements
New in Sportschau 2.9.22
New in Sportschau 2.9.17
Reconstruction of the results area: Access by days added
New in Sportschau 2.9.16
Bugfix: Livestreams are now playing on Fling & Chromecast in the live position
New in Sportschau 2.9.15
Optimization in the results area (basketball / NBA)
New in Sportschau 2.9.14
* Update
behavior of the ticker improved * Optimization of the display of
New in Sportschau 2.9.13
New in Sportschau 2.9.9
Bugfix: Fixed audio interruptions when the app was in the background
New in Sportschau 2.9.5
Bugfix: Video full screen landscape
New in Sportschau 2.9.3
Optimization of the display of ticker teasers
New in Sportschau 2.9.1
* Additional tickers (EURO qualification)
* Optimization of the display of live games
* Bug fixes
New in Sportschau 2.8.0
New: goal alarms for 3rd division and international leagues
New in Sportschau 2.7.9
New in Sportschau 2.7.4
bug fixes
New in Sportschau 2.7.3
Optimization of the results and in the area "My club"
New in Sportschau 2.6.11
- Bugfix: Chromecast on Android
- Opt-in / opt-out for social media content
- Bugfix: Display of the game minutes in the ticker
New in Sportschau 2.6.10
bug fixes
New in Sportschau 2.6.9
bug fixes
New in Sportschau 2.6.7
bug fixes
New in Sportschau 2.6.5
Problems when playing videos fixed
New in Sportschau 2.6.4
bug fixes
New in Sportschau 2.6.1
- Widget for the homescreen - New category Olympics - Bugfixes
New in Sportschau 2.5.1
Bugfix for Toralarm subscription
New in Sportschau 2.5.0
- Optimized winter sports ticker - Support for fling video (Fire TV)
New in Sportschau 2.4.4
LIVE page: Integration of the winter sports ticker
New in Sportschau 2.4.3
* New: hockey results * bugfixes
New in Sportschau 2.4.0
- Toralarm: Direct activation of individual games via LIVE page possible - Videos and Audios: Integration AirPlay and Google Cast - Favorites: Select, group, move and delete facilitates
New in Sportschau 2.3.9
Bugfix for live ticker on tablets
New in Sportschau 2.3.8
Adjustments for Athletics WM
New in Sportschau 2.3.7
Minor improvements in the results area
New in Sportschau 2.3.6
Livestreams and ticker added to the Women's European Football Championship
New in Sportschau 2.3.5
Tables for Baseball (Major League) in the results area
New in Sportschau 2.3.2
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