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Description of State of Survival:Outbreak

Welcome to State of Survival!
A zombie war RPG game where you fight to survive in the apocalypse.

Crossover: SoS teams up with Capcom's survival horror hit Resident Evil, in an epic collaboration where legendary shooter Chris, megamycete Lady Dimitrescu, the mysterious oriental spy Ada Wong, and federal agent Leon S. Kennedy, form the ultimate team on the doomsday stage to put an end to hybridized hazards and find a new Settlement for humankind.

Six months have passed since the zombie apocalypse began. The virus has infected the cities. Six months of terror, death, horror, struggling for survival, and battling zombies and monsters in this multiplayer adventure RPG.
Create alliances and build cities to fight the zombie hordes for survival.

Join State of Survival! Get ready to play this RPG game! Fight the zombies, build, shoot, and don't let them get you. Survive the zombie apocalypse!

The zombie infestation destroys cities and civilizations.
Survive and help the government and its military branch work together to rebuild civilizations, overcome the zombies and defend humanity.
It's time to start this war of survival. Shoot and plunder on the battlefield and build a city strategically to survive the zombies. The plague is spreading fast and the people need a hero! Your mission is to build, survive and kill all the zombies!

In this zombie RPG game, you can make friends and fight against other survivors. Shoot zombies with your sniper rifle and pistols.
Death lurks and the battlefield is the place that heroes call home. Build an army and fire your weapons at the zombies!
Do what it takes to survive this terrible war, and get ready to fight. Zombies are hobbling around everywhere. Resources are scarce and you have to salvage what you can. You will have to build a new city, a new army and a strategy to survive in this RPG world. Become a zombie hunter!

State of Survival Multiplayer RPG
A multiplayer zombie RPG game! Develop a strategy for war and create your own story. Annihilate the zombies with a powerful arsenal of weapons and traps!
Train up an army of soldiers, attack the zombies and end this horror!

Survive the zombies
Build your colony in a safe place where your survivors will be kept safe.
Put your survival tactics into practice, fight the virus, and beat the zombies!

Help other survivors and create unity
Save the survivors who escaped the zombies to increase your level and strength, and find those who have special abilities. They will help you in this war and make your strategy succeed!

Research the zombie virus
The zombie disease is mutating rapidly. Learn all you can to understand it and develop your strategy as soon as possible.
Whoever controls the infection controls the world!

Team up to fight the apocalypse
Find allies and create strategic alliances to survive the war of the undead. Build armies and stop the zombies.

Join State of Survival and enjoy this multiplayer zombie RPG game. You won't be disappointed!
Are you ready to help humanity survive? Start your adventure and survive the zombie apocalypse!

For more information about collected and shared data, see the developer's
privacy policy at https://funplus.com/privacy-policy

Version history State of Survival:Outbreak
New in State of Survival 1.20.20
State Transfer
- Changed the Power limit and criteria for Leading States from individual Power to Migration Rating.
- Players transferring to a new State will now receive Rewards based on their tier and wins in Reservoir Raid: The Summit.
- Players transferring to a new State will now receive their Rewards from King of the Hill: Tier Matches in advance.
New in State of Survival 1.20.0
▼ Optimizations
1. Explorer Trail
- Added a Raid feature that allows immediate collection of rewards from completed levels.
2. Killing the Dreadbeast now counts as killing an Infected Fiend in tasks.
3. Improved clarity of statistics in battle reports.
4. Feast Frenzy
- Added an Auto Clear item.
5 Apocalypse Survival Guide
- Improved the effects of certain Survival Tactics.
New in State of Survival 1.19.90
▼ New Content
1. HopeFest Continues!
2. Star Ascension
- Try your luck with the claw machine! Will you grab a shining star or a pesky bomb? Higher star levels bring greater rewards!
New in State of Survival 1.19.70
▼ New Content
1. Path of Water
- The Summit: Relish thrilling battles and rise to legendary status in this tournament. Fame is within reach!
2. Hero Completion: Gen 7-12
- Completed Heroes unlocked this time will be automatically set to the appropriate Completion Level based on their rank.
New in State of Survival 1.19.60
▼ Optimizations
1. State Transfer
- Low Power Chiefs will no longer occupy slots of the target State. This change will take effect in the next event session.
2. Hero Search
- You will now have a chance to obtain Hero Fragments from the latest generations through Epic Search. We made this change based on valuable feedback from our esteemed Chiefs.
New in State of Survival 1.19.55
▼ What's New
Special Forces Engine
- Energy Conversion Units can now be dismantled.
- Streamlined the controls for refining Energy Conversion Units.
Summer Escape
- In order to help Chef to catch more fish, everyone is ready to find Bait nearby. On the beach, among the shells, anywhere... Don’t miss a spot, the big hunt for Bait has begun!
New in State of Survival 1.19.30
- The Fate in Our Stars
During the event, you can obtain Amour Blossoms by participating in various activities and purchasing the Starry Melody Bundle. Fantastic Rewards await!
- Collections
Introducing the Collections, where you can collect Skins and Sets to earn valuable Collection Points. Embrace the role of a collector and unlock amazing stat bonuses! Meanwhile, the experience of previewing and equipping Skins has been greatly improved!
New in State of Survival 1.18.70
▼Added Hero Completions
Medical Mercies - Trish
Untamable Test Subject - Wolfe
More Than Meets the Eye - Jeb
▼Labyrinth City
As the Final Hope team is exploring the outside world, the ground suddenly collapses under their feet. They fall into an underground city-sized Labyrinth.
▼New UI Style Switch
Added a switch to the Settings page that allows players to toggle the new UI style on/off.
New in State of Survival 1.18.5
▼Crystal Vanguard, Crystal Rider, Crystal Crossbowman now available.
▼Holiday Team Building
▼World Cup Items
New in State of Survival 1.17.40
▼ Azurtane Heist
Should you miss a battle, you now have the option to re-register for a new one that starts at another time.
▼ Battle Reports
Added comparison in statistics of Heroes, troops, and Behemoths.
▼ User Interface
Quality-of-life improvements to the March interface.
New in State of Survival 1.13.70
▼Christmas Festivities
Friends from the Final Hope have been working hard to organize an unforgettable Christmas celebration. Sarge was voted to be in charge of the whole Christmas event! What kind of sparks will come out of Sarge and Christmas? Let's wait and see!
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