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Screenshots of StealthTalk
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
  • StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
Description of StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger

StealthTalk is a private messenger designed to meet high demands of business- and privacy-minded professionals. Based on a patented SDNP protocol developed for professional use in telecommunications, StealthTalk bridges the gap between professional and consumer security solutions.


Secure Voice Calls
Make secure calls with exceptional voice quality, even with slow internet connection speeds based on TETRA professional communication standards and SDNP protocol.

Secure Messages
Exchange true end-to-end encrypted messages with all sensitive message data encryption and decryption taking place entirely on the user device.

Self-Destruct Messages
Send confidential messages that are erased automatically after a selected period of time.

Stealth Mode
Protected stealth environment for sensitive calls and messages that requires users to enter their password to preview messages or receive calls.


End-to-End Encryption
All communication within StealthTalk is always protected with end-to-end encryption powered by a patented SDNP protocol that uses ECC 512, AES 256 and SHA-3 512 as primitives.

Zero-Knowledge Proof
StealthTalk knows nothing about the content of your messages or calls. User data is not collected or stored on StealthTalk servers and cannot be analyzed, sold or disclosed.

Professional Telecommunications Technology
StealthTalk communication security is based on the patented, tried and field-tested SDNP protocol developed for and used in professional telecommunications.


StealthTalk requires the following permissions to deliver its private messaging services and ensure all features are operational.

Contacts: Contacts permission is used to match you with your contacts using phone number hashes. StealthTalk does not monetize, collect or store your address book data.

Microphone: Microphone access is required to make secure voice calls.

Bluetooth & Location: Bluetooth and location access is needed to locate devices close to you and enable encryption key exchange.

Camera: Camera access is needed to add new contacts via QR code and send pictures with the built-in camera.

Storage: Storage access is needed to store images and files that you receive in chats.

For additional information and suggestions, please contact support@stealthtalk.com

Version history StealthTalk - Secure Private Messenger
New in StealthTalk 1.11.14
- Fixed non-working volume down button
- Improved File preview slider
- Improved GIF animation preview
New in StealthTalk 1.11.11
- Added a context menu for files in a chat
- File thumbnail in chat now reacts to tapping
- Improved sharing experience
- Recent messages now show which message type user got
New in StealthTalk 1.11.5
- Improved user experience related to blocked users
- Improved files and media browsing
- Fixed minor bugs
New in StealthTalk 1.10.16
- Fixed bugs with shared PDF preview.
- Improved GIF support.
- Improved Sharing files experience.
- Added option not to remind about recovery information.
New in StealthTalk 1.10.6
- Fixed bug of the file preview
New in StealthTalk 1.9.29
- Added in-app purchase option;
- Fixed crashes related to a QR code generation
New in StealthTalk 1.9.28
- Fixed an application crash related to a file transferring.
- Fixed misleading notification about Recovery Information.
- Fixed a file sharing progress indication hanged up in some cases.
- Recent chats screen will save the scroll location during navigation along the app.
- Fixed a bug that prevented showing images in the chat.
New in StealthTalk 1.9.01
- Improved application performance.
- Fixed bugs.
New in StealthTalk 1.8.43
- Improved application operation speed
New in StealthTalk 1.8.40
- Fixed a crash that occurred when user re-enables biometrics.
New in StealthTalk 1.8.39
- Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting and sharing text from other applications to StealthTalk.
New in StealthTalk 1.8.23
- Fixed voice delays in secure calls.
- Fixed crash when user forwards message to another user.
- Improved QR code scanning flow.
New in StealthTalk 1.8.22
- Fixed delays during secure voice calls
New in StealthTalk 1.8.19
- Fixed bug that prevented auto-reading a verification code from SMS.
- Fixed bugs in user adding and exchanging encryption keys using QR code.
- Fixed minor bugs.
New in StealthTalk 1.8.14
- Fixed bugs
New in StealthTalk 1.8.07
- Updated and simplified the account access restoration process.
- Fixed bugs.
New in StealthTalk 1.8.02
- Introducing FREE and PRO subscription plans.
- Fixed a subscription date issue that showed incorrect date after subscription has been renewed.
- Fixed an image-sharing issue that occurred when sending image files to iOS devices.
- Fixed a bug that caused calls to be dropped right after being accepted.
- Fixed a bug that caused incorrect image preview in chat.
- Added the missing QR code button to the StealthTalk tab.
New in StealthTalk 1.7.00
- Added the ability to resend SMS with a verification code.
- Added the ability to mute a sound of incoming voice call by pressing the volume down button.
- Added auto-reconnect feature that will automatically rejoin a group call participant after disconnection.
- Added an alert that shows when a disconnected participant is reconnecting to a group call.
- Improved voice call stability after restoring connection.
New in StealthTalk 1.6.00
- Added auto-reconnect feature that regains connection during a call after network connection fails.
- Improved how the loss of network connection is handled across the app.
- Updated buttons placement in the incoming call notification.
- Fixed a number of occasional crashes.
- Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect active call timer value for some users.
- Fixed a bug that caused a call view to remain on screen after the call ended.
- Fixed minor bugs.
New in StealthTalk 1.5.25
- Added screenshot restriction across the app. Users can no long make screenshots within the app.
- Fixed the bug when returning back from the Sign-in code screen opened Settings instead of Account settings.
- Fixed the issues that rotated the image taken with in-app camera.
- Improved localization across the app.
New in StealthTalk 1.5.22
- Added ability to read verification SMS on fly
- Added check whether OS allows the application to run in background
- Improved access permission handling
New in StealthTalk 1.5.9
⁃ Improved the Sign-in codes feature. StealthTalk now sends you a notification with your website Sign-in code and no longer requires Stealth mode to preview the code
⁃ Improved QR code scanning speed and stability
⁃ Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
New in StealthTalk 1.5.3
- Updated algorithms to improve call security
- Fixed bugs and issues
New in StealthTalk 1.5.2
- Fixed a number of minor issues and bugs
- Improved localization
New in StealthTalk 1.5.0
- Added a One Time Password (OTP) feature for secure sign in to your personal account on StealthTalk.com
- Bug fixes and stability improvements
New in StealthTalk 0.1.79
Minor bug fixes and performance improvement
New in StealthTalk 0.1.72
Fixed a bug on Enter Verification Code screen that caused UI elements disabling on re-connection.
New in StealthTalk 0.1.67
Fixed crashes on:
- Dropping verification calls;
- Enabling split screen during the verification;
- Forwarding a secure message when connection drops.
- Sending images with very long paths.

Bug fixes:
- Restore email address was not showing in some cases;
- No autofocus on verification code field;
- Bluetooth verification was not working on some Moto and Samsung devices;
- Self-destruction timer stopped counting in some cases;
- Contact names showed with null values.
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