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Screenshots of FireFighter Game
  • Stickman City Firefighter: 911 Emergency Simulator
  • Stickman City Firefighter: 911 Emergency Simulator
  • Stickman City Firefighter: 911 Emergency Simulator
  • Stickman City Firefighter: 911 Emergency Simulator
Description of Stickman City Firefighter: 911 Emergency Simulator

Want to serve humanity? Like rescue mission, action games, driving and parking games? NY City Firefighter Games 3D: Free Truck Driving Simulator is real city fire fighter rescue mission. There is an emergency call from the new york central city, people and other assets are in danger. On a bright sunny day in New York City, you encounter a building in flames! You are a courageous firefighter and your duty is to rescue your people. Grab your hose with your rescue equipment, race to save lives, and display the courage of a real firefighter of okja fire station. This ny city firefighter is the challenge to rescue the citizens and extinguish the fire hose from the buildings and on the trees existing in this wonderful and beautiful fire cop city. Endure fin fireman rescue mission of difficult fire emergency games locations like multi story parking plaza, children faculty or town hospital. Rush to the scene and put out the blaze. you're samsam fire fighter savior by taking part in rush auto firefighter games. Fireman sam job is dangerous, as a result of monster driving truck games isn't straightforward in firefighter truck rescue games. You have to reach the fire games locations and get control on fire. Turn on the fire games sirens and try to become a us firefighter in firefighting simulator. Join firemen 911 emergency fire fighting simulator team and learn driving games on thrilling off road in ladder simulator truck games 3D new games 2019. Show your courage to save fdny people that are trap in fdny burning buildings!

Innocent lives are in your hands now! This is your chance to become an amazing American Firefighter & save lives and historic city landmarks from blazing infernos! Hear the fire alarm? It's time to get into your truck and rescue people's lives!

American Firefighter is about driving and parking in a modern city, and then rescuing innocent people with your fire brigade’s truck. Drive your Fire Emergency Vehicle FAST and save pets, stop water and gas leaks, and complete many other dangerous missions, all within a gorgeous urban environment! If you locate the source of the fires quick enough, whether they be shops, plazas, or apartments, you’ll get a maximum reward! However, as you progress through the game, levels will become more complex, challenging, and…dangerous.
Are you prepared to serve all of humanity? This mission is not for the faint of heart. Then this firefighter simulation must be for you! Exercise caution at all times.

Drive your fire truck to a HOT location and COOL it down! Locate fire points using your radar to rescue within given time and get maximum mission completion points. As you progress within the game, levels will become more interesting and challenging! Become the best American Firefighter & serve your city, and your nation, with this ultimate firefighting game!!

Fire fighting games 2019 is free games so quickly download this firefall rescue hero games and become firefighting hero!

So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW! And play FIRE TRUCK 911 RESCUE & AMBULANCE 1122 RESCUE GAME and be the best firefighter and ambulance rescue hero!FIRE TRUCK 911 RESCUE & AMBULANCE 1122 RESCUE GAME Features:
Easy and smooth Controls.
Realistic fire truck driving and fire fighter rescue missions
Real Life fire truck games siren
Mini Map Guide for player, accident and hospital position
Do 911 Emergency Response tasks
Amazing Simulation of Fire Brigade Games Let’s see how if u have what it takes to be the best firefighter and ambulance rescue hero in
“FIRE TRUCK 911 RESCUE & AMBULANCE 1122 RESCUE GAME”: Enjoy the most anticipated firefighter and ambulance rescue game of 2021!REVIEWS

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