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Screenshots of Suicide Squad Vs Zombie
  • Suicide Squad Vs Zombies
  • Suicide Squad Vs Zombies
  • Suicide Squad Vs Zombies
  • Suicide Squad Vs Zombies
  • Suicide Squad Vs Zombies
  • Suicide Squad Vs Zombies
  • Suicide Squad Vs Zombies
  • Suicide Squad Vs Zombies
Description of Suicide Squad Vs Zombies

An epidemic is raging
Humans gradually turned into zombies
Be the ingenious leader and lead your suicide squad to defeat all the ferocious zombies to save the city.

In your squad, each warrior will have different characteristics.
Example: Sniper has great damage, long range but low attack speed, low health.
Double Pistol has normal damage, but higher attack speed, stronger when upgrading.
In addition, there are many types of zombies, each type of zombie also has different characteristics and abilities.
For example, Mad Zombie has a very high movement speed, attack, but low health and there is a very high chance that you cannot freeze this zombie. Freeze Zombie has very high health, but lower movement and attack speed and has a very terrible ability, this zombie can freeze units.

Besides the warrior team, don't forget to use great skills to defeat zombies like Bomb, Freezing, Heavy Rocket.

- There are 8 types of warriors with different skills and strengths.
- You can upgrade stats such as health, damage, range, crit... for each warrior with stars.
- More than 10 types of zombies with different abilities (freezing units, suicide bombers, large zombies...)
- There are 3 skills you can use when you can upgrade
- Unlimited variety of missions. You can earn more gold and gems when done
- Get free rewards every day, multiple times a day.
- More than 40 exciting levels. The difficulty of each level will be increased, requiring you to have a great skill to complete.
- You will get gems and gold after completing each level, the reward will increase after each level, and you will get more rewards if you complete the level with more stars.
- With the library system, you see detailed information of zombies, this will help you have a reasonable strategy to destroy each zombie.

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