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A thrilling parkour-based adventure set against the backdrop of a world besieged by zombies. This game expertly fuses high-octane action with deep strategic elements, inviting you to master the art of survival in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Survival hinges on your ability to blend swift parkour maneuvers with smart base-building and resource management. Your mission is to establish a stronghold, scavenge for resources, and gather a team of hardy survivors, all while warding off the relentless advances of zombie hordes.

The game features a wide array of characters, each offering unique skills and abilities crucial for combat efficiency and resource collection. Equip and customize your character with a diverse selection of weapons and gear, including guns, melee weapons, and various forms of armor for protection.

Keep the excitement and challenges fresh. In Parkour Mode, showcase your tactical skills and agility as you protect your base and counter the zombie menace. In Survival Mode, embark on exploration missions in the vast post-apocalyptic wilderness, forging alliances and battling to establish dominance in this new, chaotic world.

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