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Description of Tap Bang Clicker


Tap Bang is a war simulation "tap game" in which half of the players play against the other half in real time for a week in different battles lasting 24 hours each.

How to start?
When you enter Tap Bang, depending on the players there are at that time, you are assigned a side or you can choose it yourself, being based on World War II the sides are the Axis and the Allies, with assigning a random side We want to make the game as balanced as possible in terms of the number of players on each side since, in Tap Bang, all the players and numbers in the game are completely real, on the main screen you can see how many players are on each side and the damage they have done as a whole. Once you are on a side, you will have to choose which army you want to belong to (land army, navy or air force) and then the position within that army, these choices will play an important role in getting damage multipliers if the battle that is fought is more conducive to the army you have chosen.
Once inside, you will already be in one of the 7 battles that make up a war, and depending on the moment, you may not enter the first battle. The war begins every Monday at 00:00 Spanish time and is made up of 7 battles that last 24 hours each, therefore, the war ends every Sunday at 23:59 Spanish time. Because it is in real time, if you enter on a Tuesday, you will be in the second battle.
Entering the game itself, we have a trigger with which you will have to do as much damage as possible by making the greatest number of shots and yes it is possible, taking advantage of the multipliers that the game provides you, at the same time your soldier will go up in rank and obtaining rewards with which, you can improve your weapons by buying from a large number of weapons that will help you achieve the highest possible damage.

Available bonuses
War Bonus X2 per post: All available posts on each side and in each army have a specific weapon with a X2 bonus that lasts for the entire war. For example, if you belong to the Allied side and choose the heavy infantry position within the ground army, you will have X2 damage if you use the heavy machine gun “Browning”. Each army has a special position that is only obtained if in the previous war you have reached at least the rank of Brigadier General.
X3 battle bonus per army: Each battle is fought in a different scenario, for that reason depending on the army you choose you will have this multiplier available, for example if you choose to belong to the Navy and the battle takes place at sea you will have X3 damage during the time that this battle lasts.
Weapon of War X2: Each battle will have a weapon with X2 damage, among which are all pistols, all shotguns and the C4 explosive.
Temporary boosters or power-ups X2, X3, X4, X5, X6: Temporary power-ups or boosters are rewards that can give you randomly from X2 to X6 of damage for one minute in exchange for seeing an ad.
War roles: War roles are cards that you can get in the daily reward randomly, they cannot be accumulated and therefore you can only use one per battle.
Spy: with the spy role you can switch sides at any time during the war, all your accumulated damage will go to the opposite side. It is ideal to use it at the end of the war.
Massacre X2: With this role you will have X2 damage in the entire war.
Darwinism X3: With this role you can devastate with X3 damage, but it can only be used in the last battle.
Atomic: Using this role places an atomic bomb in your weaponry with which, if used wisely, you can turn the tide of war. The atomic bomb can only be used when reaching a certain rank.

All the multipliers in the game are cumulative, if you play with the battle environment, position, war roles and boosters, your damage can be multiplied considerably.

Thank you very much for playing Tap Bang. As for the ads, in Tap Bang no ads will appear spontaneously, you will only see ads for rewards when you want.

Version history Tap Bang Clicker
New in Tap Bang 1.0.23
What's new in this update
- Now the user has life, which will be reduced depending on how the war goes.
- We have included "Augmented Weapons Cards", which can be combined with roles to increase damage.
- We have added three more ranks.
- Improvements in MiniMission, now every day there are different prizes.
- Changes in MiniShooter, we have added combos when shooting headshots.
- Changes in MiniTime, we have added levels.
- Small changes and bug fixes.
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