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Description of Tap Force

Welcome to Tap Force! Head back to the '90s and clean up the streets of Metro City in this new hero collector auto battle RPG!

Assemble a team of the ultimate 16-bit pixel fighters and watch them battle enemies, bosses, and even other players around the world. Arm your citizens by expanding your weapon shop business that runs even while you are offline!

• Recruit & train 16-bit pixel fighters to form the toughest fighting team
• Sell weapons to your citizens by opening a variety of martial arts weapon shops
• Fight through hundreds of levels in the campaign which span multiple unique stages
• Face off against other players in the PVP Arena and climb the ranks for special rewards
• Join clubs with other players where you can chat with friends and compete in special group events
• Beautiful 16-bit retro pixel art aesthetic
• Featuring music from Mitch Murder


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Version history Tap Force
New in Tap Force 1.73
Update Notes:
- Bug fixes (Including Techno Spin crash)
- Revive no longer retains previous Energy
New in Tap Force 1.72
Update Notes:
- New Beginner Sale Bundles (available to all current players)
- Tier List updated to include new SS tier
- Arena rewards improved for all positions below 1st
- Healing lowest HP targets now uses remaining health percentage instead of straight HP values
New in Tap Force 1.71
Update Notes:
- Daily milestones now loop
- Magus and Djinn slightly improved
- Bug fixes and polish
New in Tap Force 1.70
Update Notes:
- NEW Fighter: Pyra of the Howler faction
- Preset equipment loadouts can now be accessed from a fighter's equip page
- Arena defense is now linked to a preset team and can be changed on the defense page
- Faction sewers now each have their own equipment loadout (to change equipment here you must tap and hold on a fighter)
- Mech Event latency and server improvements
- 50 new sewer levels added
- Arena bug fixes
- Leon skills improved
New in Tap Force 1.68
Update Notes:
- Bug fixes and polish
New in Tap Force 1.67
Update Notes:
- Team preset weapons & dragon bug fixes (again).
- New Ultimate arena division added.
New in Tap Force 1.66
Update Notes:
- Team presets & weapon bug fixes.
- Laguna's 3rd passive team buff fixed (tier list updated).
New in Tap Force 1.65
Update Notes:
- NEW Team Preset System. Save and easily swap between 3 preset team loadouts.
- VIP Pizza Regeneration Perk added to VIP. +1 Pizza regeneration added to VIP levels 8, 12, and 16.
- Spike skills improved, including higher damage, healing, and damage reduction.
- Masamune active skill damage and healing increased.
- Zura's team shield now triggers more often but HP amount reduced.
New in Tap Force 1.64
Update Notes:
- NEW Fighter: Zemus of the Cobra faction
- Rex skills improved. Active skill damage and chance to Bleed increased. New Attack boost added to 3rd passive.
- Duke skills improved. Increased True Damage bonus of his 2nd passive. New Damage Reduction bonus added to 3rd passive.
- Mogu splash and avatar art updated.
New in Tap Force 1.62
Update Notes:
- Bug fixes and polish
New in Tap Force 1.56
Update Notes:
- NEW Easter Daily Deals: A new offer is revealed each day that can be purchased with gems
- Easter Pass: Collect free Elite Cartridges each day
- Gem Shop 3X value limited offer
- Rampage splash art updated
- Level requirement for GM+ promotions removed
- GM+ achievements added
New in Tap Force 1.55
Update Notes:
- New Grandmaster+ progression.
- Weapon shops can now be upgraded to 6 stars.
- New currency, Platinum, produced by 6 star shops and used to upgrade GM+ fighters.
- Mech Event milestones expanded
New in Tap Force 1.54
Update Notes:
- Bug fixes and polish
New in Tap Force 1.52
Update Notes:
- New Auto Fight feature for Technodome
- Elite Cartridge odds of natural elites raised from 50% to 55%
- Bugs and polish
New in Tap Force 1.36
Update Notes:
- Enter the Technodome and square off against a gauntlet of enemy arena teams.
- Submit a roster of 12 fighters that match the faction requirements of a given run and battle against a series of enemy teams.
- Swap fighters in and out of your lineup as their HP carries over after each battle.
- Win as many fights as you can before you lose twice and the run is over.
- Earn Techno Crystals which you can use to spin for elite fighters!
New in Tap Force 1.30
Update Notes:
- NEW Fighter: Fenrus of the Mantis faction (available when the week resets)
- Updated splash art for Toro and Glacio
- Both in-game tier lists updated
- Dragon Essence added to City Market
- Bug fixes
New in Tap Force 1.21
Update Notes:
- NEW Masteries system. Collect mastery scrolls and use them to boost stats and unlock perks for your fighters across all game modes.
- NEW Fighters. Baron, a Brawler from the Howler faction and Laguna, a Support from the Crane faction join the fight.
- NEW Dragons. Naga and Goujun.
- Existing Dragon stats rebalanced.
- Dojo Shop expanded to include Shards and Scrolls.
- 4 New music tracks added.
New in Tap Force 1.18
Patch Notes:
- Grandmaster fighters can now equip 2 dragons
- Spar with friends feature added
- Lots of bug fixes and polish updates
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