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Description of TeamTalk

TeamTalk is a freeware conferencing system which allows users to participate in conferences over the Internet. Users can chat using voice over IP, stream media file and share desktop applications, like e.g. PowerPoint or Internet Explorer.

TeamTalk for Android has been designed with a particular emphasis on accessibility features for visually impaired.

Here is a list of the main features:

- Real time voice over IP conversations
- Public and private instant text messaging
- Share applications on your desktop
- Share files among group members
- Private rooms/channels for every group
- High quality audio codecs with both mono and stereo
- Push-to-talk and voice activation
- Standalone server available for both LAN and Internet environments
- User authentication with accounts
- Accessibility for visually impaired using TalkBack

Version history TeamTalk
New in TeamTalk 5.9.2
Fixes crash issue when downloading public server list
New in TeamTalk 5.9
- Choose Official/Public/Unofficial servers for initial server list
- See number of active users on public servers
- See location/country of public servers
- See server's MOTD in Server Entry details
- Send messages longer than 512 characters
- Fixed issue where all users and channels were not listed after initial login
New in TeamTalk 5.8.3
- Accessible hint for gender
- Notification on text limit exceeded
- Ability to kick and ban from channel when operator
- Fixed media buttons for voice transmission on Android 12
- Fixed bug where lowering user-timeout in Server Properties would cause a disconnect
New in TeamTalk 5.8.2
New feature:
Join user account's initial channel
New in TeamTalk 5.8.1
- Option to disable sound and TTS event when sending a channel message
- Upload time shown on files
- Files updated sound played only in current channel
- Fixed a case when not all TTS engines were available in Text-To-Speech selection screen
- Support for Persian language
New in TeamTalk 5.8
Fixed file permission issue when saving server list
New in TeamTalk 5.7.1
- Fixed tt:// URLs not loading in running TeamTalk instance
- Fixed missing "encrypted", "channel" and "chanpasswd" in tt:// URLs
- Accessibility hint for away status
- Decrease server lost sound volume
- Option to play user logged in/off sound
New in TeamTalk 5.6.1
- User volume levels and subscriptions are restored on login when using BearWare.dk Web Login.
- Translations updated.
New in TeamTalk 5.6
- Empty channels with max users set to zero are listed first (sticky channels)
- Buttons for changing between tabs Channels, Chat, Media Streams and Files
- Preferences are now grouped
- Users are now displayed before channels
- Support for dark mode and day/night shift
- Blank nicknames are set to NoName followed by user ID
- More elements are now labeled, specifically some edit fields
- Bluetooth headset microphone usage facility
- Use back button to navigate to the parent channel
New in TeamTalk 5.5
TeamTalk v5.5 with support for new OPUS audio codec configurations:
- VBR/CBR selection for OPUS codec.
- Frame size selection for OPUS codec.
- Max transmission interval increased to 500 msec.
Portuguese translation.
New architectures: ARM 32, ARM 64, x86 and x86_64.
New in TeamTalk 5.4.1
Fix for crash issue when uploading file.
New in TeamTalk 5.3.4
Accessibility fix for TX button in Oreo
New in TeamTalk 5.3
- Facebook web-login for Facebook enabled TeamTalk servers- Toggle subscriptions in User Information activity- URLs in text messages are now clickable- Added Indonesian language thanks to Muhammad Gagah- OPUS audio codec updated to v1.2.1- WebM (VPX) video codec updated to v1.6.1
New in TeamTalk 5.2.4
Stays connected when screen dims.Notification for ongoing connection.Interrupt TeamTalk communication when receiving phone call.Voice activation level.Toggle between voice activation and microphone gain.Added Macedonian language.
New in TeamTalk 5.2.3
Added "enable speaker phone option" to Preferences.Added "voice preprocessing option" to Preferences.Playback buffer increased for more stable playback of voice streams.
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