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Description of Telekom MK

The improved Telekom MK mobile application offers you all the information about your internet usage, minutes, roaming and SMS on your mobile numbers, and is the best tool for simple and easy tracking of all your services in one place. Additionally, Telekom MK offers you the fastest and safest way to pay your bills and recharge your prepaid voucher. Manage your and your loved ones' services anywhere anytime.

What does Telekom MK offer?

1. Just keep track of consumption - everything on the home screen.
• Check at any time how many minutes you have spent and how much time is left.
• Have a quick and simple overview of mobile Internet consumption.
• Follow more services added: Manage the services of your loved ones by adding their projects to your profile.

2. Manage multiple services in one place
• Manage all services with a simple overview: calls, SMS, roaming, internet packages and landline services.
• Manage added numbers from your loved ones
• Add new numbers to your profile simply and quickly

3. View service details and additional package activations
• Receive notification of monthly bills and their status
• Buy additional packages for calls, SMS, roaming and internet.

4. Pay your bills or other bills by entering the invoice number or scanning the barcode on the paper bill. Pay your bills on the go in a quick and easy way
• Pay multiple bills at once
• Pay electronically by credit or debit card
• Get notifications for timely and regular payment of bills
• Check your paid bills from last month

5. Recharge the prepaid voucher
• Enjoy exclusive offers only through Telekom MK and keep up to date with other offers
• Recharge your prepaid voucher or another Telecom number
• Simply activate additional packages

With the new Telekom app you have all the information about your spend and all your services in one place - it's the best tool for tracking your spending on all your Telekom connections. A simple and easy to use dashboard that lets you easily track your spending / balance across all your services. Also, the new Telekom App is the fastest and most secure way to pay your bills and top up your prepaid accounts at the click of a button - be it using a credit card, a bank transfer or a pay by link. Manage yours or your loved ones' services anywhere anytime. A fast, smooth and robust app experience has been built at the heart of the new Telekom App to give you the power to manage your connections in your hand.

What does my Telekom App offer?
1. Easy to track your spending - Quick & easy dashboard.
• Check how many minutes you have, how many free minutes left.
• Get an overview of your data balance quickly and easily.
• Track multiple added accounts: guide yourself through your family balance.
2. Managing multiple services in one place
• Manage all your services easily with a clear overview on your mobile: voice & data and your fixed line home services: internet, TV or landline.
• Handle multiple sim cards like that of your family members.
• Add more services into the App easily via OTP authentication
3. Checking details of your services and activating add-ons
• Be updated on all your monthly bills and their statuses.
• Purchase add ons like minutes, messages, more data
4. Pay your bills on the go through multiple payment options.
• Sort out your bill payment quickly and safely with just a few clicks.
• Pay by your credit card, or bank transfer.
• Receive regular bill payment reminders to help you pay on time
• View your complete transaction history anytime anywhere
5. Top up your own or other prepaid number
• Enjoy exclusive offers, exciting deals and online recharge coupons with the app payments.
• Top up your own or any prepaid numbers easily in the app anytime anywhere.
• Buy data addons easily

Version history Telekom MK
New in Telekom MK 15.5.1
Avtivate TV packages
Help and support
bug fixes
New in Telekom MK 3.18.2
Brand new version of the app with significantly improved user experience
New in Telekom MK 2.2.5
Changed OTP verification due to Google Play recommendations
New in Telekom MK 2.2.3
Prepaid Prize Game
New in Telekom MK 2.2.1
activation of free services, bug fixes
New in Telekom MK 2.1.8
Information on fixed services
Virtual technician
Magenta Family Share
Corrected bug by mixing language versions

Info on fixed services
Virtual Technician
Magenta Family Share
Bug fix for mixing language versions
New in Telekom MK 2.0.38
- Android 8.0 support - Fixed bug with blinking on application start on some devices
New in Telekom MK 2.0.30
- Language picker on the initial screen - Fixed crash on Android 7 - License info screen - Improved user experience on the management services screen
New in Telekom MK 2.0.26
- Improvements to repeat Versions on Android
New in Telekom MK 2.0.22
- Improvements to repeat Versions on Android
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