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Description of Tenon VPN

1. Tenon VPN is composed of a large number of decentralized nodes, because there is no centralized server, thus avoiding the authority of centralization, that is, you can access the network without any blocking.

2. Although Tenon VPN is decentralized, its performance is superior to a centralized VPN server because TenonVPN provides an original intelligent route that can find the best communication route through the user's current network conditions.

3. Tenon VPN is decentralized. All user data is encrypted by the user's private key. At the same time, the addition of the intelligent routing network ensures the client's anonymity in the entire decentralized world.

4. With a powerful P2P network and secure encryption technology, Tenvon VPN acts as a routing node through the user's home PC, making blocking impossible.

5. Tenon VPN is easy to use, requires no complicated configuration, and can be safely, quickly and reliably entered into the decentralized world with one-click connection.

Version history Tenon VPN
New in TenonVPN 5.3.4P
just support vip version
New in TenonVPN 5.3.2
fix crash bug
fix share content
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