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Screenshots of Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
  • The Dark Pursuer
Description of The Dark Pursuer

You find yourself locked up alone in an abandoned place, but something is nearby, something unknown and dangerous. Try to look for ways to get out of there before you can no longer...

You can also play multiplayer with your friend, in this mode you are the player and your friend is the monster that will try to catch you. Hide from him and escape to win. Usually your friend must be in the same Wifi network as you to play.

For a better experience, play with headphones!

Version history The Dark Pursuer
New in Dark Pursuer 1.45
- Added "community" button.
- Improved UI stability.
- Password numbers on the second map much more readable.
New in Dark Pursuer 1.32
Fixed bug with multiplayer on the first level.
New in Dark Pursuer 1.31
- Multiplayer added! (we had to leave this feature paid, but we did our best with the price). This is the initial version, we will release more improvements with updates.
New in Dark Pursuer 1.24
- Now the game is 100% free, and you can support us by removing the ads, if you already bought the game then it is already ad-free. Have fun.
- Game Engine updated (Frame Pacing optimization added).
- Bug fixes with emulators.
New in Dark Pursuer 1.23
- Added a short story to describe what is happening in the remote field map.
- Added some small details in the environment of the remote field map.
- Minor adjustments to the interface and texts in some languages.
- Game engine updated.
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