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  • Train your Brain - Language Games
  • Train your Brain - Language Games
  • Train your Brain - Language Games
  • Train your Brain - Language Games
Description of Train your Brain - Language Games

How well do you know your mother tongue? Are you an expert in English language or do you usually make spelling mistakes when writing?

With Language Games you can put your knowledge into practice and play with thousands of words and their spelling or grammar rules. These games are aimed at people of all ages, both for those who are learning to read and for older people who want to stimulate their language skills.

Also, as the game is available in 5 languages, you can use it to learn a new language. Take advantage of it and discover new words in Spanish, Italian or French, practice phrasal verbs in English or discover sayings and phrases made in Portuguese! Lots of game options to test your mastery of the language.

Language Games not only have grammar exercises, but you can also find classic games like word search or hangman... working on language skills can also be fun!


- Choose the correct grammar option
- Find synonyms and antonyms
- Learn Phrasal Verbs
- Identify words by playing word search
- Play hangman game
- Choose the correct preposition
- Put letters in order to make words
- Associate definitions with the correct word
- Put words in order to create sayings


Language is directly linked to learning since it is the basis of human communication that allows us to express ourselves and understand others. Depending on how we use it, we will construct and interpret the world differently.

With these games you can stimulate reading and writing skills, as well as learn new words that help you communicate and practice your written and oral expression.


- Educational game for language stimulation
- Available in 5 languages
- For all ages
- Simple and intuitive interface
- Free content and subscription option


Tellmewow is a mobile game development company specialized in easy adaptation and basic usability, which makes them ideal for older people or young people who simply want to play an occasional game without major complications.

If you have any suggestions for improvement or want to stay informed about upcoming games that we are going to publish, follow us on our social networks.


Version history Train your Brain - Language Games
New in Language Games 0.1.4
♥ Thank you very much for playing Language Games!
⭐️ 9 games to stimulate language
⭐️ Practice grammar and spelling
⭐️ Available in several languages
⭐️ Games for all ages: children, adults and seniors.

We are happy to receive your comments and suggestions.
If you find any errors in the game, you can write to us at hola@tellmewow.com
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