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Description of Trap.NZ

The Trap.NZ app is designed to work with your Trap.NZ account to help you keep a record of your trapping efforts directly from your mobile. You can locate new traps and bait stations using your devices' GPS and record data as you check your traps. The app works off-line and out of network coverage - you can upload records when you are back in coverage.

If you don't have a Trap.NZ account sign up now - it's free! https://trap.nz

Simple entry of trap & bait station data: Set up your pest control project and start recording results from your traps and bait stations. You can also manage your community pest control group – allowing other members of your group to quickly set up and enter data for the traps and bait stations they operate.

View easy to understand results: No more multiple spreadsheets, tables and hand drawn maps! Get quick summaries from your trapping data to help target your control, report results to your funders, and keep your group informed of the successes of their hard work. Download your data to spreadsheets, other maps etc if you want to.

Refine & target your control: View maps of your trapping results to see where hotspots are showing up for different pests – helping refine and target your control. See other pest control activity in your area via the online maps, and if you want to, link up with other groups.

The Trap.NZ website and app is provided with the support of WWF and Groundtruth Limited.

Version history Trap.NZ
New in Trap.nz legacy 0.1.40
New popup advertising our new more modern app, with a link to get it. Includes a April 30th end of support message for this one.
New in Trap.nz legacy 0.1.22
A large number of bug fixes.
- Downloading a project for the first time no longer marks download as complete early.
- Syncing up new records now less prone to breakage, and maded it easier to try again when this does happen.
New in Trap.nz legacy 0.1.19
Fixed black background issue
Form input text now uniformly right aligns.
New in Trap.nz legacy 0.1.17
Fields in the add and trap forms now more intelligently sticky.

Updated map framework, it is now easier to select traps.

Added scale line to map.
New in Trap.nz legacy 0.1.16
Tweaks to map handling to make clicking points easier
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