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Screenshots of Tycoons World
  • Tycoon World - Company Manager
  • Tycoon World - Company Manager
  • Tycoon World - Company Manager
  • Tycoon World - Company Manager
  • Tycoon World - Company Manager
  • Tycoon World - Company Manager
  • Tycoon World - Company Manager
  • Tycoon World - Company Manager
Description of Tycoon World - Company Manager

Ever wonder how it feels to be a company manager and build your company completely from scratch? Do you want to learn about the world of business? You are in the right place!

Join the great experience of leading your own firm to great achievements by advancing step by step to reach bigger deals, more business assets, more contracts, and more global impact.

At first, you will have to build some transportation and business assets to gain power and reach a positive cash flow. By achieving that you will be able to earn more money and buy bigger and bigger business assets. From a small neighborhood coffee shop to thousands of malls around your country. From a few taxis driving around town to thousands of passenger planes covering the whole world. To grow your business diversity and span, buy concessions to buy more businesses and transportation.

The next step for growing your company will be to earn money by investing in various activities like Soccer teams, traveling companies, space centers, and much more. Use your investments wisely and visit different locations around the world to make profits from your investments.

As you grow bigger and bigger, you will want to bid on different contracts. Once you will win some of them you will be able to earn a substantial amount of money or natural resources. Natural resources are also good investments since you can buy them at low prices and sell them when the price is higher.

Ready for an IPO? Go for it. Issue stocks of your own company and buy and sell as you go. You are now in the biggest companies league!

As you grow bigger, you will gain rival companies around you. They will try to apply different actions using different capabilities to harm you and overcome the competition. From sleazy corporate lawyers to cyber experts, when it comes to money everything is legitimate!
Invest both attack and defense capabilities and make your own attacks to show your dominance.

Make alliances around you and group together with strong companies to work together and make an impact on your countries. Big money can lead to global conflicts between countries. This is the place for you to participate and lead your country's global wars and resolutions.

Ready for building megaprojects with global impact? Gather tons of resources and build satellite spaceships, nuclear submarines, and nuclear power plants. Once ready you will be able to sell them to different countries for billions of dollars.

☆☆☆ Features of Tycoons world - Company Manager ☆☆☆

- Interactive screens with appealing graphics to establish your company
- Join millions of players all around the world in this massive multiplayer game
- Build businesses, transportation and acquire concessions
- Buy and sell natural resources
- Make investments and win contracts
- Invest in global startups and take loans from banks all over the world
- Issue stocks and be part of the global stock market
- Research in different categories to grow bigger
- Create or join alliances.
- Visit various interesting locations around the world.
- Build mega projects and sell them to countries.
- Use the marketplace to sell products and brands
- Communicate with other players easily

Ready to become the next promising company manager? Go ahead and start your journey today!

Version history Tycoon World - Company Manager
New in Tycoons World 11
Minor bug fixes
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