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Dive into the thrilling world of Ultraman Orb Astro Fusion Fight vs. Kaiju, a unique legend-fighting heroes evolution 3D game that boasts stunning graphics designed for mobile devices. This superhero extravaganza is none other than Ultraman Astro, the 3D offline fighting game you've been waiting for. Get ready to engage in epic battles with Ultraman legends and collect Ultramen games that feature the latest Ultraman stories. Astro harnesses the power of DX Ultraman in combat, allowing for incredible transformations and level-ups. In this Ultraman fighting game, you'll encounter a roster of Ultraman heroes and face off against monstrous foes. Every Ultraman and monster is at your disposal, offering a truly dynamic experience.

Embark on the origin story of the legendary silver hero, Ultraman Orb Light Astro. Challenge fearsome foes in intense 1-on-1 battles against Kaiju Appa, Kaiju Sharkjin, Tsuneyo the Dragon, Kamen Rider Gigahand, and Ultraman Belial Seth.

Assume the role of SilverAce Ultra Hero, Ultraman Orb Light, and embark on a quest to complete the captivating story.

Uncover mini-stories featuring Ultraman Jack Centro, Ultraman Ace Blade, Ultraman Tiga Cosmo, Ultraseven Spike, Ultraman Ginga Genus, and Ultraman Nexus Nova. Successfully completing these missions rewards you with Ultra-Hero Cards that can be combined to enhance Astro's strength.

Harness the power of Fusion by merging two collectible cards, activating Ultraman Orb DX Light. This transformation turns Ultramen into formidable heroes, ready to tackle the next thrilling chapter of their adventure.

Experience a unique fighting style gameplay with your beloved Ultraman characters, renowned for their colossal presence and engaging storylines.

Utilize the Fusion Up system to combine Astro with two other Ultraman powers, further amplifying Ultraman Orb Light Astro's might. Only by doing so can he overcome increasingly formidable adversaries in this action-packed fighting game.

Engage in electrifying battles featuring a wide array of Ultraman characters and menacing monster villains. Embark on a heroic journey to become a legend, wielding the mighty Ultraman Belt DX for Fusion in this brand-new offline Ultraman game.

Witness the breathtaking moves of Ultraman Fighting Legends, where you'll have the opportunity to play as all the best Ultraman characters in a thrilling 3D fighting experience.

Finish the game by seeking out powerful Ultraman heroes and immersing yourself in a 3D fighting adventure that delves into the story of Orb Astro's Ultraman evolution.

With over 30 playable characters to choose from, this game guarantees endless excitement and action in the Ultraman universe.

Version history Ultra Hero Astro Origin
New in UltraHero Astro Origins 3.0
Visual upgrades
Add player pref save
New in UltraHero Astro Origins 2.9b
Visual upgrades
Add player pref save
New in UltraHero Astro Origins 2.8b
Visual upgrades
Add player pref save
New in UltraHero Astro Origins 2.8
Visual upgrades
Add player pref save
New in UltraHero Astro Origins 2.7
Visual upgrades
Add player pref save
New in UltraHero Astro Origins 2.5Rt
make download size smaller
New in UltraHero Astro Origins 1.3
Saving Not Activated
added some language preferences
UI improvement
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