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Description of Unique Car Wheel

Wheels or rim is the outer ring of metal design the inside edge of the tire is mounted on a vehicle such as a car. For example, on a bicycle wheel at the edge of the large circle attached to the outer ends of the spokes of a wheel that holds the tire and tube.
Rim is a vital component for safety in driving, so it must be strong enough to withstand a vertical load and side load, driving style and braking, as well as various styles menumpunya. Rim should also be as light as possible and must balance so that it can spin smoothly at high speed with a rim that is designed precisely in order to retain the tire firmly.
Rim (wheel disk) are attached firmly to the bolt planting (hub bolt) attached to the axle hub with the wheel nuts. Wheel nut is made so that the rim can locate its position precisely and automatically center on the axle hub during installation.
a. Rim of Baja Press
Rim (wheel disk) type (pressed-steel wheel disc) consists of rim welded to the disc. Disc made of pressed steel sheet. Such construction is easy to produce in large quantities. In general, cars using this type because it is durable and the quality is uneven.
b. Rim Material Iron Pour mixture
Rim (cast light-alloy wheel disc) is made of a mixture mainly of aluminum or magnesium. It is generally used to reduce weight, and increase the vehicle's appearance.

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