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Description of Unscriptd

Managing your brand as a professional athlete is easier now than ever before. Players' Post is an invite-only app for the global community of athletes, built by The Players' Tribune. To access all of its features send an email to post@playerstribune.com. Formerly known as Unscriptd.

Version history Unscriptd
New in Players 2.4.0
Support for multiple image requests made from the console
Agents can now create multiple image requests from the app
Ability to repost failed social media posts
New in Players 2.3.3
Ability to download images from media streams that allow it.
Ability to repost a social media post if it fails
A few minor defects resolved
New in Players 2.3.2
Miscellaneous defects resolved
New in Players 2.3.1
Fixing some defects
New in Players 2.2.4
Fixing some defects
New in Players 2.2.2
Fixing Some defect
New in Players 2.2
New on-Boarding
New in Players 2.1.0
Minor bugs have been resolved and a number of UI enhancements added
New in Players 2.0.1
We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Players' Post features. This version includes a complete brand redesign as the app changed its name to Players' Post.
New in Players 1.16
Enhancements to media galley searching
Bug fixes
New in Players 1.15.5
Enhancements to the PhotoShelter integration functionality
New in Players 1.15.1
Fixing Instagram defect
New in Players 1.15.0
New mini-brief request type
Fixed for crash happening when app is in background
New in Players 1.14.14
Support for Android 9
Support for the Heif image format for local images
New in Players 1.14.13
Fixed crash when editing/deleting hashtags and mentions
Minor UI updates
New in Players 1.14.10
Bug fixes
UI Enhancements
New in Players 1.14.9
Fixed crash when publishing photo from external memory
New in Players 1.14.5
Fixing defect
New in Players 1.14.2
Analytics for each post for all social Media on history
Create connection from the app after invite an existing user
New in Players 1.14.1
Fixed crash when previewing post after entering text
New in Players 1.14
New feature: Posting galley from the app to all social media
New in Players 1.13.9
Fixing Defects 1.13.9
New in Players 1.13.8
Fix crash while obtaining initial startup data
Fix crash while saving profile data
New in Players 1.13.6
Functionality bug fixes and crashes resolved.
New in Players 1.13.5
A few functionality bug fixes and crashes resolved.
New in Players 1.13.4
Email Verification and phone number verification
New in Players 1.13.3
1.13.3 Fixing Defects
New in Players 1.13.1
OnBoarding Feature- 1.13.1
New in Players 1.12.5
Bug Fixing
New in Players 1.12.4
Bug Fixing
New in Players 1.12.3
Bug Fixing
New in Players 1.12.1
Notification Setting
New in Players 1.11.2
Latest release with new features and improvements
New in Players 1.11
Latest release with new features and improvements
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