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Description of Webinar

Application for participants of webinars on Webinar.ru. Meeting this meeting. Broadcast, presentation, screening, polling and chat, Q & A will support your full immersion in the process. If you want to ask you a question with voice, just click it.

We update our application as you can imagine. Stay tuned for our news!

Version history Webinar
New in Webinar 2.2.9
- Increased application stability
- Fixed bug of quiet sound in Youtube videos
New in Webinar 2.2.8
- Increased application stability
- Fixed bug of quiet sound in Youtube videos We
New in Webinar 2.2.6
Fixed bug of connecting bluetooth headphones
Increased application stability
Fixed other bugs
New in Webinar 2.2.4
- Increased application stability
- Fixed minor bugs
New in Webinar 2.2.2
Fixed some bugs in group work and when going on air
New in Webinar 2.2.1
1. Removed streaming delay when turning on / off microphone and camera.
2. Added recovery after connection loss.
3. Fixed other minor bugs.
New in Webinar 2.2.0
Bug fixes in live events
New in Webinar 2.1.20
- Users can participate in group work now
- Fixed minor visual and logical bugs
New in Webinar 2.1.19
Now you can upload an image to event directly from your device and share it with others
New in Webinar 2.1.18
If you already have an opportunity to create meetings in your subscription, now you can do it with your mobile application
New in Webinar 2.1.17
- Now if you join a meeting you can immediately set up the camera and microphone, and then go on air
- Fixed a bug of exiting the application
New in Webinar 2.1.16
- Now there are advertising banners: drop-down text boxes that open a link when clicked
- Fixed a bug of overlapping speakers audio when watching event recordings
New in Webinar 2.1.15
- The presence control for education has appeared, which allows you to understand who is not distracted from the webinar during training events: lectures, seminars, practices, etc.
- Optimized the app for a large number of speakers on the air, fixed related crashes
- Fixed a bug with the disappearance of the presenter sound for participants
New in Webinar 2.1.13
- Fixed bug of displaying screen sharing
- Fixed bug of sound when viewing event recording
- “Go on Air” button is now purple when moderator approval is not required
New in Webinar 2.1.12
- Fixed the issue with participant videos overlapping a button.
- Fixed the shared screen displaying issue
New in Webinar 2.1.11
- Now event host can allow / disallow event participants to upload files
- Fixed bugs
New in Webinar 2.1.9
Added a name to the speaker window if he is on the big screen. Now it will always be clear who is speaking or sharing screen
Added the ability to mute speaker's audio or video
Fixed bugs
New in Webinar 2.1.8
We continue to change the interface of the webinar room.
- Vertical view. You can watch the webinar vertically. All speakers will be at the top in a scrollable list. First comes the presentation window, then your window and the rest of the speakers
- Added a background for the "Participants" and "Chat" buttons so that they are not lost on a white background
New in Webinar 2.1.5
Big update! We continue to change the interface of the webinar room. Previously, it was impossible to immediately see videos of all speakers. Now you can see yourself and other speakers at the same time.
To do this, we have displayed all speakers as a scrollable list. The first on the list is the presentation window, then your video and the video of the rest of the speakers.
How it works:
- scroll through the list
- display the image on the big screen on click
New in Webinar 2.1.2
Technical update.
Fixed errors, improved app performance.
New in Webinar 2.1.0
Technical update. The new technology will help users with poor Internet access. Even if the connection is unstable, there will be less troubles when viewing the webinar.
New in Webinar 2.0.12
A large technical update.
Now you can go live with video from any device.
Fixed errors related to recording, video playback, presenter (also a pointer), and screen sharing.
Improved app performance.
New in Webinar 2.0.11
Fixed video playback and switching presentation files. Work is underway to improve performance.
New in Webinar 2.0.10
We've fixed bugs and improved performance
New in Webinar 2.0.7
We've fixed bugs and improved performance
New in Webinar 2.0.3
Fixed screen sharing playback
New in Webinar 2.0.0
Now you can watch event recordings
New in Webinar 1.7.11
Bug fixes and performance improvements
New in Webinar 1.7.10
Bug fixes and performance improvements
New in Webinar 1.7.3
- Owner can join user to join conversation.
- Increased stability.
New in Webinar 1.7.0
Bug fixes and performance improvements
New in Webinar 1.6.7
- Added support of English.
New in Webinar 1.6.6
Bug fixes, performance improvements.
New in Webinar 1.6.5
The battery charge with participation in the webinar is reduced by 30-50%
New in Webinar 1.6.4
- Fixed password recovery.
- Eliminated the problem with the entrance to the event.
New in Webinar 1.6.3
- Now you can participate in paid events from your mobile device. - There was support for short links YouTube. - Added the ability to use wireless headsets. - Fixed bugs that lead to the termination of the application on some devices. - And the sound of the webinar is now suspended during a phone call.
New in Webinar 1.6.2
There was an opportunity to minimize the application during the event and continue to hear the speakers in the background. Corrected mistakes - The volume of the webinar was not regulated. - Mute the microphone when the airing from the application did not work. - The "complete test" button was not visible if there are more than one screen. - Access to the camera and microphone is now requested when trying to go on the air, and not at the entrance to the event. - The image from the main camera was mirrored.
New in Webinar 1.6.0
Added support for WebRTC - a new technology for transmitting audio and video.
New in Webinar 1.5.5
New opportunities - Return to the broadcast is available from any section by the folding button or "back". - Areas of pressing all buttons are enlarged for convenience. - The pointer is replaced by a contrasting arrow for better visibility. Corrected mistakes - Crashes when scaling and playing video. - Duplicate the list of participants when turning the device. - Inaccurate position of the pointer at the presentation. - Uploaded files may not be displayed. - Failures when changing the role of an event participant.
New in Webinar 1.5.4
- Common causes of video stop are fixed. - The reasons for the crash termination of the application have been fixed. - Fixed chat chat error when changing device position. - Fixed error displaying the speaker's picture on a white sheet. - Corrected the proportions of the video, broadcast from the application for iOS. - Fixed button operation for resizing video. - Fixed an error in the interface when the administrator disconnected the chat.
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