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Description of World War Armies: WW2 PvP RTS


An authentic real-time strategy simulator about WWII and one of the best army soldier games awaits you. World War Armies is a multiplayer PvP strategy game and army simulator that will test your strategic thinking skills nonstop. You have to get out of difficult combat situations using tactics and confront your enemies in 1v1 or 2v2 strategy online multiplayer. Prove that you are a legendary battlefield general just like General Guderian or General Marshall and defeat your enemies! The right war strategy is key to reaching ultimate victory! World War Armies gives you limitless strategic opportunities making every battle unique! Conquest awaits!

Learn more about epic military WW2 tactics, such as blitzkrieg, trench warfare, attrition warfare, and night combat with legendary vehicles. As one of the best among RTS games, you learn to think like a real commander of one of the greatest armies in the world. There is no time to stick to defense only. You must attack now! This experience goes beyond the typical RTS strategy game. Dive into the PvP world as one of the heroes, prepare the troops and combat vehicles, and engage in a tank battle. Use tactical strategy and win all of the battlegrounds to earn peace as a great conqueror.

World War Armies is a MOBA that enables you to use different military battle strategies in action. First, choose the units that you want to take into the battle warzone – soldiers, snipers, infantry types, and legendary tanks from World War 2 are all at your disposal in this conflict, commander. Arm each sniper, guns up! On the battlefield, every second counts! Send your assault squad to capture resource points. Build fortifications and upgrade your command center to get new troops and vehicles or strengthen your army with new recruits. However, keep an eye on the enemy! The enemy will strive for victory, strike your troopers, and try to undermine your tactics. The best commander will win in these multiplayer warzones! Become one of the heroes!

Each battle gives you an opportunity to upgrade your existing RTS army with new units or powerful level-ups. Reach new heights each time you play this PvP war tactical game! Explore the game mechanics, thoroughly know all about your guns, and choose new recruits wisely. This MMO RTS game wouldn’t be good if there were no challenges. Real war isn’t a vacation, so you better attack quickly with relentless gun shooting! Get yourself together, join, and battle now, commander!

★ MMO RTS game - a real-time strategy battle on mobile.
★ World War game setting - warfare happens during World War 2.
★ Command and conquer legend game - control your military soldiers and tanks as well as conquer the enemy base in this MOBA.
★ PvP battle simulator - confront players from around the world in real-time PvP battles filled with action.
★ 3D realistic graphics - fight your way through photorealistic warzones, with fire and smoke, dirt, and dust.
★ Unlock new types of WW2 troops - change your military strategy and adapt to the enemy (soldiers, troopers, snipers, tanks, etc.)
★ Get rewards and medals - upgrade your army after each battle.
★ Free-to-Play (F2P) simulator - play this war strategy game for free.

This is going to be your favorite WW2 RTS game by far. Are you going to wait for a D-Day or act like a real hero and enter the battle now? Step into the role of an army general and war strategist. Start your own warfare in this PvP strategy game and become a true legend!

World War Armies requires a constant and stable Internet connection.

Discord: https://discord.gg/wwarmies
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/wwarmies

Version history World War Armies: WW2 PvP RTS
New in WWA RTS 1.11.0
Brace for 1.11 update, Commanders. Command and dominate like never before with this package of updates!

Changes are as follows:
- Blaze into battle at 60 FPS;
- Relish the unrivalled might of upgraded WWII steel beasts;
- Support your assault with the reworked US M8 Greyhound, the GER Puma, and Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack;
- Apply stunning new solid color skins;
- Enjoy new event types;
- Get more relevant ads and special offers;
- Discover tons of new content and upgrades!
New in WWA RTS 1.10.1
Greetings, Commander!

We have urgent intel on the latest update.
Try a free trial of the “General’s subscription” for a ton of bonuses!
Get extra rewards in “Path to glory”
Add artillery to your deck and witness the improved cannonfire
Add some spice to your strategy with the new unit - the FlaK 8,8

Other improvements:
We’ve upgraded units in the meta and added the “Lost Stronghold” map
Added new effects to base explosions
Added a construction cancellation option to towers and pillboxes
New in WWA RTS 1.9.1
Nothing is better than the smell of fresh updates in the morning!

x2 more rewards per battle!
We have added the ability to increase the reward after the end of the battle. Don't miss this opportunity and download the update soon!

We also fixed bugs, improved the bot and added a new season of the battle pass with unique skins and, of course, new events.
New in WWA RTS 1.9.0
Nothing is better than the smell of fresh updates in the morning!

x2 more rewards per battle!
We have added the ability to increase the reward after the end of the battle. Don't miss this opportunity and download the update soon!

We also fixed bugs, improved the bot and added a new season of the battle pass with unique skins and, of course, new events.
New in WWA RTS 1.8.1
We've been working on this a long while and can now finally reveal what you've been waiting for all this time - the new 2v2 mode!
Add a friend, invite them to your team, discuss tactics and fight shoulder to shoulder to crush your opponents!
New in WWA RTS 1.6.0
Start the winter event with changed cards, snow and a festive spirit!
New in WWA RTS 1.5.3
I love the smell of updates in the morning! We’ve added new content for December, Commander:

The newest legendary unit enters the game with a colossal bang! Meet the Goliath remote-control bomb. Don't tread on it, though.

We’ve also added: improved visuals, bugfixes, a new season of Battle pass with unique skins specially for December, and of course, new events.
New in WWA RTS 1.4.1
This update has a bunch of events waiting for you!
Sniper: 26 October - 3 November
The first female unit in the game is a sniper!

Halloween: 26 October - 6 November
An event that changes the design of the entire game: battle maps, the hangar & unit appearance.

New map: 31 October - 6 November
Designed according to player feedback, the map provides the perfect balance between simplicity and tactical depth.

And that’s not all, just update the game!
New in WWA RTS 1.3.0
We’re holding a sale and launching it with a gift for you!
Make sure you get your currency and skins loot box

Eagerly awaiting you are:
- 2 new units: Support class: the T-20 armored tractor and the indomitable KV-1 heavy tank
- New season of Battle Pass with unique new skins
- Changes to the leagues window and tactical map
- Improvements to the lobby
- Changes to the launch of the web-store, follow news about the launch on social networks!
- Bugfixes
New in WWA RTS 1.2.2
Bug fix
New in WWA RTS 1.1.2
Fixed the inverted camera problem
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