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  • Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
  • Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
  • Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
  • Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
  • Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
  • Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
  • Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
  • Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
Description of Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения

"MomsLab" (first 3 days free) - courses for pregnant women, aimed at preparing for childbirth, and courses for mothers on maternity leave, aimed at recovering from childbirth. Classes are online, and you can do yoga for pregnant women or do postpartum workouts at home.
Sign up to Moms Lab and learn more about nutrition, yoga, fitness and classes for pregnant women, as well as body and body restoration after childbirth.

Choose the right program:

1) The "Comfortable Pregnancy" course - all the best that can be learned in the courses for pregnant women to carry out comprehensive preparation for childbirth:
- Home yoga for pregnant women and cardio yoga
- Fitness for pregnant women and classes for 1.2, 3 trimester
- Kegel exercises and complex workouts for pregnant women
- Breathing exercises during childbirth and physical preparation for childbirth
- Psychoprophylactic preparation and meditation
- Diet during pregnancy and diet for pregnant women

2) The "Recovery" course is a course for young mothers. The program is designed for 12 weeks and is aimed at restoring and losing weight for young mothers after childbirth. Losing weight after childbirth will be easy!
What is included in the program:
- Yoga classes of various durations and loads and exercises on the pelvic floor muscles in order to know that there is not only Kegel exercises after childbirth
- Pilates to restore the abdomen and exercises for the waist to resolve the issue of how to remove the abdomen after childbirth
- Yoga exercises for the whole body for a comprehensive recovery of the figure after childbirth
- Fitness and cardio as ideal exercises for recovery after childbirth
- Home SPA procedures for a comfortable psychological recovery of the mother after childbirth
- "Ideal weight - proper nutrition and weight loss" program
- Tips for losing weight from a trainer and other specialists in the form of podcasts, articles, motivational support and lectures.
- Online consultants of the program: a breastfeeding consultant will facilitate breastfeeding of a newborn; trainer; obstetrician-gynecologist will advise methods of preparing for childbirth; pediatrician and specialist in children's sleep, if there is no opportunity or time to attend courses for young mothers.

3) "Ideal weight" program - we take control of nutrition! We try to remove the sides, remove the belly, leave such a result as a thin waist and instill a healthy diet for the mother after childbirth.
Simple fasting with weight loss will not help you to lose weight beautifully and remove the belly. Therefore, we remove strict restrictions, maintaining a healthy balance, give recommendations on nutrition for pregnant women, build a mother's menu after childbirth, and answer important questions - diet during pregnancy and mother's diet after childbirth - is it necessary or not?
What is included in the program:
- Personal meal plan with simple recipes: what should be the diet for pregnant women; how to build nutrition for a pregnant woman in the first trimester and beyond; what to eat for mom after childbirth; how to establish proper nutrition after childbirth for a nursing mother
- Adjustment for goals: gaining, maintaining or losing weight
- Nutrition of a pregnant woman and nutrition after childbirth: automatic calculation of CBFU, nutritional recommendations
- Podcasts and lectures on the topics of conscious nutrition: psycho-preventive work and valuable recommendations from specialists
- Ability to connect options with a load: yoga for pregnant women, training for pregnant women or young mothers
- Home awareness: breathing practices, meditation and mindful eating techniques are suitable even for beginners
The program is designed for different categories of women:
- Rational nutrition of pregnant women: an individual approach takes into account the trimester of pregnancy when calculating KBZHU and beneficial micronutrients in food ...
- Mom's nutrition after childbirth: we will learn about the nutrition diary, answer questions about breastfeeding and care, discuss how to lose weight after giving birth to a nursing mother, combine proper nutrition and weight loss
Remember - the diet during pregnancy and the mother's diet after childbirth are different from the woman's diet, just wanting to remove the stomach or lose weight quickly. Be attentive to your health!

Version history Йога для Беременных и Мам, Диета, Упражнения
New in MomsLab 0.9.0
- исправлена авторизация через социальные сети
- в раздел питание добавлены калькулятор КБЖУ, индивидуальное меню, схема питания и список продуктов
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