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Description of 카닥 - 수리비 조회, 타이어, 엔진오일, 보험

**Indispensable car management with 'my car management app without damage'**

- Comparison of repair costs for my car with one photo
- Comparison of tires from 3 domestic companies at a glance
- Recommendation of excellent engine oil and tires that fit my car's specifications
- Direct auto insurance inquiry and subscription
- Real-time linkage of my car data - Registration of latest technical information and automatic notification of service inspection/replacement dates

● Easy and quick comparison of exterior repair quotes

If you upload only one picture of vehicle damage, you will receive an average of 5-6 repair company quotes for comparison can. Choose a company you like and make a consultation and reservation. All Cardak repair customers are provided with a 1-year free quality warranty.

● Reliable tire replacement

From domestic 3 tire manufacturers to imported tires! Compare at a glance.

What if the cost of tires is burdensome? Lower the burden and maximize the benefits through rental!

Tire selection is difficult? We recommend the most selected tires for the same car model as you. Meet a variety of products at a reasonable price with no additional cost.

From a tire shop to a car center in front of your house, choose a place you can trust.

● Reservation of engine oil that is perfect for my car

Cardak will take care of the complex specification information and exchange cycle! When the time comes, we will recommend an engine oil package that is perfect for your car. All packages include on-site labor costs, and the engine oil package is provided at a reasonable price, including oil filter and air filter.

● Reduction of car maintenance costs, direct car insurance

Direct car insurance is cheaper because it does not use a planner. Save on maintenance costs by purchasing the same coverage at a lower price through Cardak.

● A community of 3 million Cardak users Meet

the fastest new car news and car care tips on the magazine, and a variety of car information on the YouTube channel Cardak TV. Don't miss the various events happening in the community.

**Complicated vehicle management, now done with one cardak app!**

● Recruitment of repair/maintenance/tire partners nationwide Repair/maintenance/tire owners who

want to increase sales with Cardak, please feel free to contact us!

Apply for store consultation [https://business.cardoc.co.kr/partners](https://business.cardoc.co.kr/partners)

● Cardoc channel

official website [https://www.cardoc.co. kr/](https://www.cardoc.co.kr/)

Instagram [https://www.instagram.com/cardoc_official](https://www.instagram.com/cardoc_official)

Blog [https://blog.naver.com/cardocr](https://blog. naver.com/cardockr)

** Thank you for your generous feedback and support.

If a problem occurs while using the app, please contact Cardak Customer Center (1599-4572). We will solve it as quickly and accurately as possible. (If you leave it as an app review, it may be difficult to identify errors or delay in contacting you.)

** Information on required access rights **

- Phone: Used to connect by phone, such as consulting with partners and making reservations.
• Storage space: Used to transfer or store photo files, etc.

**Information on optional access rights** -Location

: Used to set a location when requesting a service, or to display and sort businesses according to their distance from them.
- Even if you do not agree to the optional access rights, you can use the service except for the rights.

Version history 카닥 - 수리비 조회, 타이어, 엔진오일, 보험
New in kr.co.cardoc 7.3.0
금호타이어 타이어프로 예약 서비스가 출시되었습니다.
고객상담 채팅 서비스인 채널톡을 도입하였습니다.
그 외 소소한 버그를 수정하였습니다.
New in kr.co.cardoc 6.6.1
• 수리 서비스에서 견적서 도착 시 알림톡을 보내드립니다.
• 그 외 소소한 버그를 수정하였습니다.
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