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Description of Мой МТС (Беларусь)

"My MTS" is an application for subscribers of MTS Belarus. Install the application on your smartphone or tablet, and all the data of your personal account will always be at your fingertips.

"My MTS" allows you to:

· connect any number of numbers and manage them;
Monitor the balance of the account;
· control the balance of traffic, minutes and SMS;
· to control expenses on the "Open Internet";
view the history of payments;
Find out up-to-date information about the installment plan;
· get acquainted with the expenses by number for the last 180 days;
order a free detailed report on the expenditure of funds;
enable and disable services;
· view roaming tariffs, get access to special roaming offers;
exchange bonus points in the MTS Bonus program;
replenish the account, make installment payments.

The app is available in Russian and Belarusian.

Have a question or need help?

We will be grateful for your feedback and suggestions - write to us at mymts@mts.by

Version history Мой МТС (Беларусь)
New in by.mts.client 2.8.18
Fixed errors in the operation of widgets that could appear on some devices.
New in by.mts.client 2.8.17
Some bugs have been fixed. Thank you for your wishes, comments and suggestions that you send to our support.
New in by.mts.client 2.8.15
Fixed an error that occurred in the operation of the “Share Balance” function.
New in by.mts.client 2.8.14
Fixed an error that occurred in the operation of the “Share Balance” function.
New in by.mts.client 2.8.13
Some bugs have been fixed
New in by.mts.client 2.8.12
Some bugs have been fixed. Thank you for your wishes, comments and suggestions that you send to our support.
New in by.mts.client 2.8.11
Fixed launch problems that occurred on some devices with Android 14
New in by.mts.client 2.8.10
We found and corrected several errors to make using the application even more comfortable for you.
New in by.mts.client 2.8.9
Found and fixed some errors that occurred when making payments and transfers
New in by.mts.client 2.8.8
Fixed a bug that in some cases led to an incorrect exit from the account when switching between
New in by.mts.client 2.8.7
Bugs fixed
New in by.mts.client 2.8.4
Bugs fixed
New in by.mts.client 2.8.3
Introducing Auto Pay! Create a new auto payment, link a bank card, set up automatic replenishment of the balance - at a specified frequency or when the balance drops to a certain threshold - and always stay in touch with colleagues, family, friends and relatives. Look for "Auto Pay" in the "Finance" section, or simply tap "Top up" on the main screen.

Also fixed a few bugs.
New in by.mts.client 2.7.1
Meet the update - it will surely please you just like these warm summer days :-)
- look for the "Expenses" item in the "Finance" and view all the events that have occurred on your number over the past 90 days. We group events by type and date, for clarity we draw a diagram, as in Excel - in general, we tried to make everything as convenient as possible;
Do you need MTS help? Go to "More > Help and support" and start a chat - Miya is already waiting for your questions and will be happy to answer them ;-)
New in by.mts.client 2.5.0
- updated design. Now using the application will be even more convenient thanks to the new navigation;
- added the ability to work with several installments;

Some bugs have also been fixed and minor improvements have been made.
New in by.mts.client 2.4.13
Bug fixes. We
New in by.mts.client 2.4.11
Optimized application code, fixed some bugs. Fixed a problem with running the application on some devices running Android 4.4
New in by.mts.client
Bug fixes and improvements
New in by.mts.client 2.4.9
Bug fixes
New in by.mts.client 2.4.8
This version provides an opportunity to support the UN Children's Fund UNICEF in Belarus. Now you can donate funds to help children who have faced online violence directly through My MTS: choose Finance, then Charity Aid.
We also slightly updated the look of the main screen and fixed several bugs that appeared in previous versions
New in by.mts.client 2.4.7
Version 2.4.7:
- fixed the problem of launching the application, which could appear on devices with Android 4.x;
- to access the additional numbers added to "My MTS", it is now enough just to click on the avatar on the main screen.

Version 2.4.6:
- welcome splash screen updated;
- the function of payment by the current installment plan has been improved;
- other not obvious, but important fixes and improvements.
New in by.mts.client 2.4.6
- updated welcome splash screen;
- the function of payment by the current installment plan has been improved;
- other not obvious, but important fixes and improvements.
New in by.mts.client 2.4.2
In this update, we made corrections to the “Go and find!” Action, eliminated service connection / disconnection errors, improved the launch of the application, and added several minor cosmetic improvements.
New in by.mts.client
- fixed bugs that caused the application to hang and stop on some devices with the latest Android versions

Version 2.4.0:
- the promotion “Go and find!”: Go and get bonuses
New in by.mts.client 2.4.0
The promotion “Go and find!”: Go and get bonuses
New in by.mts.client 2.3.2
- improved launch and download applications;
- Fixed several errors that appeared on some devices.
New in by.mts.client 2.3.1
Corrections and improvements
New in by.mts.client 2.2.1
- the “Back” button now returns to the main screen one after the other, and then exits the application;
- Fixed errors in displaying account icons;
- Fixed some bugs that led to the sudden shutdown of the application.
New in by.mts.client
In "My MTS" appeared:
- viewing of the last expenses by number (section "Finance");
- setting / unblocking (section "Number management").

Also fixed:
- launching the application with a stable Internet connection;
- Updating widgets after the expiration of the balance;
and made a few small improvements that will make the application even more convenient. For the correct operation of all functions, please install the update.
New in by.mts.client 2.1.5
- fixed the problem of assigning an account icon;
- eliminated the problem of increased power consumption on some devices;
- Improved display of widgets on some devices;
- other changes and improvements.
New in by.mts.client 2.1.4
Dear customers, thank you for the feedback and messages that you send to our support team - this helps make the application for you better and more convenient.

In this update, we fixed some bugs and shortcuts that were noticed on some devices and that you reported to us. Also added a few new icons - the remnants of Internet traffic on widgets have now become more recognizable.
New in by.mts.client 2.1.3
Fixed some bugs, improved stability and connection to the server
New in by.mts.client 2.1.2
2.1.2: Bug fixes
New in by.mts.client 2.1.0
2.1.1: Fixed update of widgets 2.1.0: - Widgets: Check balance and traffic balances without going into the application - protect access to My MTS code and fingerprint - the function "Exit from all devices" in Settings: instantly complete work with the number on all devices - find the tariff, service, share even faster through the search form in the main menu Also now in My MTS you can: - find out the PIN / PUK (section "Number Management") - see the phone number with which you are currently working
New in by.mts.client 2.0.10
Now you can view the rest of minutes, traffic and SMS by your number even more conveniently: - click on the link "All leftovers" on the main screen - a list of all your balances will be opened; - click "Configure" at the top to adjust the order of the counters, then alternately sort them by dragging - the first three remainders will now be displayed on the main screen.
New in by.mts.client 2.0.8
- increased stability of the application; - eliminated the errors that occurred when connecting / disabling some services; - other corrections.
New in by.mts.client 2.0.7
Added support for complex passwords. Now when registering, entering and changing the password, you can use not only digits, but also letters of the Latin alphabet.
New in by.mts.client 2.0.6
- Improved application launch; - Fixed bugs in the sections "Call Detailing" and "MTS Bonus", which led to an unexpected stop of the application on some devices; - other improvements and improvements.
New in by.mts.client 2.0.5
- fixed the problem with the appointment of an avatar on some devices; - Fixed bugs when paying from the "Finance" section; - finalization and correction of design for some devices; - the problem of availability of balance and counters on some devices is eliminated; - other improvements and improvements.
New in by.mts.client 2.0.4
- implemented an email request when sending requests to online support; - other minor corrections.
New in by.mts.client 2.0.3
- new design; - "Open Internet"; - a new section "Internet"; - a new section "Roaming"; - Updated multi-client account; - updated "Shares", "Tariffs" and "Services" and more. ATTENTION: - The widget is temporarily unavailable in this update. If you are using a widget, we recommend installing one of the following updates, where we will again introduce this function; - if you use "My MTS" to manage several numbers, you will need to add them again.
New in by.mts.client 1.2.12
Removed old (undenominated) prices.
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