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Description of 포인핸드 -유기동물 입양&실종동물 찾기(유기견,유기묘)

Organic animal adoption & disappearance animal search is handled by Paw In Hand,

Poin Hand is a warm service that connects people and animals of the shelter nationwide.

When adopting a companion animal
When I lost my companion animal
Can be solved with a Poin hand.

Do not buy it and adopt it with a poin hand.

Poin hands are not related to government or shelter. For inquiries about shelters or animals, please contact the phone number listed in the app.

[main function]
1. National Livestock Shelter Organic Information
2. Organic animal information and adoption method provided
3. Missing / Protected / Witness Report Function
4. Stories (Adoption, Adoption Promotion, Temporary Protection)
5. Organic animal information SNS sharing

At this moment, many organic animals are being rescued in the area where you live. Give hope to these animals with little interest.

[Access Permission Guide]
1. Phone (optional)
- It is used to call the shelter.
2. Camera (optional)
- Used by the user to take a picture when uploading a post.
3. Storage space (optional)
- Used to attach a saved photo when a user creates a post.
- Used to save photos taken at the time of posting.

[Contact us]
Email: pawinhandproject@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pawinhand
Instagram: @pawinhand_official
Developer contact:

Version history 포인핸드 -유기동물 입양&실종동물 찾기(유기견,유기묘)
New in lost.animal.main 7.4.0
* Poin Hand 7.4.0
- Improvement of some devices shut down when selecting organic animals
New in lost.animal.main 7.3.6
* Poin hand 7.3.6
- Real-time structure notification: Added photo preview function
- Improved push notifications
- Improve animal faults of interest
New in lost.animal.main 7.3.5
* Poined Hand 7.3.5
- Real time alert function of organic animals
- Improvement of finding shelter
New in lost.animal.main 7.3.1
* Poin Hand 7.3.1
- Improved story detail screen error
New in lost.animal.main 7.3.0
* Poin Hand 7.3.0
- User benefits page open
New in lost.animal.main 7.2.5
* Poin Hand 7.2.5
- Add comment function of start screen information
- Other server stabilization
New in lost.animal.main 7.2.4
* Poin Hand 7.2.4
- Add story reporting function
- Improve home layout
New in lost.animal.main 7.2.2
* Poin Hand 7.2.2
- Changing the welcome screen
New in lost.animal.main 7.2.1
* Poin Hand 7.2.1
- Lounge updates
- Improve home layout
New in lost.animal.main 7.2.0
* Poin Hand 7.2.0
- System stabilization
- Remove unnecessary permission requests
New in lost.animal.main 7.1.9
* Poin hand 7.1.9
- Notification of animals without adoption inquiry
New in lost.animal.main 7.1.8
* Poin hand 7.1.8
- Adoption inquiries are displayed on the first screen of the animal
New in lost.animal.main 7.1.5
* Poin hand 7.1.5 - Add My Page view function (Interested animal, Interest story, Comment, Report) - Help me animal status live display - Home menu content exposure improvement
New in lost.animal.main 7.1.4
* Poin hand 7.1.4 - Improved image loading speed - Improved home screen design - Adopt, add form
New in lost.animal.main 7.1.2
* Poin Hand 7.1.2 - Improved photo selection
New in lost.animal.main 7.1.1
* Poin hand 7.1.1 - Search diversification - Service stabilization
New in lost.animal.main 7.1.0
* Poin Hand 7.1.0 - Overall service upgrade - UI / UX improvements - Service stabilization
New in lost.animal.main 7.0.1
* Poin Hand 7.0.1 - Service stabilization
New in lost.animal.main 7.0.0
* Poin Hand 7.0.0 - Improve organic animal comment - Other optimization tasks
New in lost.animal.main 6.9.9
* Poin Hand 6.9.9 - Improved story detail link
New in lost.animal.main 6.9.7
* Poin Hand 6.9.7 - Applying a new design - Changing loading screen
New in lost.animal.main 6.9.6
* Poin Hand 6.9.6 - Applying a new design - Added user notification function - Powerful sharing
New in lost.animal.main 6.9.5
* Poin Hand 6.9.5 - Applying a new design - Added user notification function - Powerful sharing
New in lost.animal.main 6.9.4
* Poin Hand 6.9.4 - Added story view - Follow user stories - You can attach up to 5 story pictures
New in lost.animal.main 6.9.3
* Poin Hand 6.9.3 - Added story view - Follow user stories - You can attach up to 5 story pictures
New in lost.animal.main 6.9.2
* Poin Hand 6.9.2 - Share information on organic animals - Search for animals around me
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