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  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
  • Jubilee coins
Description of Юбилейные монеты

The application contains a complete list of jubilee coins and coins of the regular coinage of Russia, the USSR and other countries.
And also allows you to keep records of your collection of coins and exchange coins with other coin collectors.

Program features:
- Each coin has a description (description of Avers and Reverse, circulation, release date, catalog number, mint and other characteristics of the coin).
- Clicking on the image of the coin opens its enlarged image (Obverse and Reverse)
- You can find the desired coin using the Search (by the name of the coin, series, inscriptions on the coin).
- It is possible to indicate how many coins you have in the collection.
- Mark and share with other users a list of coins to exchange
- You can exchange messages between users
- Indicate the state (safety) of coins and the mint, if the coins were minted in different courtyards.
- Coins can be grouped by series and year of release.
- It is possible to backup your collection to a memory card and Google Drive.
- Export your collection to Excel.
- You can create your own catalog of coins.

The following catalogs are available in the application:
- Plan of release of Russia
- Commemorative coins of Russia
- Regular mintage of Russia
- Precious coins of Russia
- Coins of the Emergency Committee
- Jubilee and Precious Coins of the USSR
- USSR coins
- Regional coins of the USSR-RF (coins of Arktikugl, Tatarstan tokens, Tuva People’s Republic, Khorezm People’s Soviet Republic, Armavir)
- Coins of the Russian Empire (Commemorative coins, Regional coins, Nicholas II, Alexander III, Alexander II, Nicholas I, Alexander I, Paul I, Catherine II, Peter III, Elizabeth, Ivan VI, Anna Ivanovna, Peter II)
- Coins of England
- Coins of Abkhazia
- Coins of Azerbaijan
- Coins of Armenia
- Coins of Belarus
- Coins of Bulgaria
- Coins of Germany
- Coins of Georgia
- Euro coins, incl. Euro commemorative coins (2 €)
- Coins of Kazakhstan
- Commemorative Coins of Canada
- Coins of Cape Verde
- Coins of Kyrgyzstan
- Coins of China
- Coins of Moldova
- Coins of Mongolia
- Coins Latvia
- Coins of Lithuania
- Commemorative Coins of Peru
- Coins of Poland
- Coins of Transnistria
- US Commemorative Coins
- Coins of Somaliland
- Commemorative coins of Turkey
- Coins of Tajikistan
- Coins of Turkmenistan
- Coins of Uzbekistan
- Coins of France
- Coins of Ukraine

Version history Юбилейные монеты
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.97
Добавлены Барбоскины
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.96
Добавлен раздел Новости
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.95
Новые монеты серии «Оружие Великой Победы».
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.90
Добавлена монета Московская область
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.89
Добавлены каталоги Югославии, Турции
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.88
Добавлены монеты Китая
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.82
Добавлен план выпуска юбилейных монет России на 2020 год
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.81
Добавлены каталоги:
-Бразилия. Юбилейные монеты 1995-н.в.
-Германия. Юбилейные монеты 2011-н.в.
-Германия. ГДР. Драгоценные монеты 1966-1990
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.79
Добавлены монеты Македонии.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.78
Новая монета номиналом 10 рублей «г. Клин, Московская область» серии «Древние города России»
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.77
Добавлена монета "Бременские музыканты", каталоги Греции, каталог Екатерины I
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.74
A coin with the nominal value of 10 rubles “Kostroma region” of the “Russian Federation” series has been added.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.73
Added coins of Bulgaria
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.72
Added anniversary coins of Bulgaria
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.71
Added catalogs of Mongolia, Abkhazia
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.65
Added catalogs of the Russian Empire: Peter III, Elizabeth, Ivan VI
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.64
New catalog: Peru. Commemorative coins of 2010-present
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.59
A coin with the face value of 25 rubles "25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation" has been added
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.58
Added catalog "Turkey. Jubilee coins 2002-n."
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.56
The catalog "Poland. Jubilee coins 1964-1994" is added
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.55
Added catalogs of France and the GDR
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.53
Catalog added:
Germany. Period of the Third Reich and the Occupation of 1933-1948.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.51
Bug fixes
Added coins of Moldova
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.49b
Added coins "Well, wait!" Series "Russian (Soviet) animation"
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.48
Added catalogs of Georgian coins
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.47
The catalog of the regular coinage of Poland is added.
Added the ability to leave feedback for users.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.46
Added new coins:
- 25 rubles nominal "Army international games";
- face value of 10 rubles "g. Gorokhovets, Vladimir Region (1168) "series" Ancient Cities of Russia ".
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.42
Added coins of China
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.40
Now you can create your own catalog
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.39
Added Precious coins of Kirghizia.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.38
The catalog of coins of Catherine 2 is added. The possibility of indicating the price of coins and notes in free form is added.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.37
Added catalogs: - Kyrgyzstan. Regular chasing - Kyrgyzstan. Jubilee coins - Latvia. Jubilee coins - Lithuania. Jubilee coins
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.36
A commemorative coin with a face value of 10 rubles of the "Russian Federation" series was added: Kurgan Region.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.35
Added catalogs: -USA. Jubilee coins of the year 1999-present. -Russian empire. Alexander III 1881-1894 -Russian empire. Alexander II 1854-1881 -Russian empire. Paul I 1796 -1801
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.34
Bug fixes
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.33
Bug fixes
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.32
Added catalogs: - Euro. Regular chasing - Russian empire. Nicholas I 1825-1855 - Russian empire. Alexander I 1801-1825
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.31
Added 4 coins of the series "Russian (Soviet) animation". Individual settings of the catalog for displaying / hiding coins of different mints.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.30b
- it became possible to hide any coins - Fixed bug with export to Excel
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.29
The third coin of the World Cup 2018
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.27
The catalog "Jubilee coins of England 1973-2017" is added
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.25
The Russian Federation coin is added: Tambov region
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.23
Added: - Russian coin: Give good to children, - Euro coins. Commemorative coins (2 €)
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.22
Added: - Russian Federation coin of the series: Ulyanovsk region, - coins of Armenia
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.21
The coins of Poland and the Precious Coins of Russia are added
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.20
Coins of Ukraine are added
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.19
Coins of Kazakhstan and Transnistria are added
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.18
Added by: - Commemorative Coins of Belorussia from precious metals. - Jubilee coins of Kazakhstan. - Coins of the Arctic
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.17b
Bug fixes. Added by: - Coins dedicated to the FIFA 2018 FIFA World Cup: 25 rubles in usual and special performances, - The plan for the issue of Russian coins, - Coins of Belarus.
New in com.alex_ip.coins 1.0.15
The coin "World championship on practical shooting from a carbine" is added
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