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  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
  • Business calculator.pro
Description of Бизнес-калькулятор.pro

Business Calculator.pro - a package of calculators for business.

For business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, managers of trading companies, sales specialists, economists, marketers.

The application contains 28 calculators and calculates 32 business indicators for business analysis, management of pricing, margin, profit. Used for quick management calculations and preparation of business plans.

You can do:

▪ Calculation of price, margin and gross margin

▪ Sales analysis (plan / fact)

▪ Analysis of the average bill

▪ Store profit calculation

▪ Calculation of business profitability

▪ Calculation of turnover

▪ Liquidity calculation

▪ Calculation of financial stability

▪ Simple percentage calculations

Define business indicators:

▪ Product selling price

▪ Trading margin

▪ Cost of goods sold

▪ Gross profit

▪ Gross margin (margin)

▪ Sale price with VAT, without VAT, VAT

▪ Implementation of the sales plan in monetary terms and in percent (%)

▪ Change in sales revenue

▪ Average bill

▪ Salary costs (salary + percentage of revenue)

▪ Operating expenses

▪ Operating profit (EBITDA)

▪ Operating profit margin

▪ Return on sales

▪ Return on Assets (ROA)

▪ Return on Equity (ROE)

▪ Inventory profitability

▪ Inventory turnover

▪ Receivables turnover

▪ Accounts payable turnover

▪ Cash turnover

▪ Current ratio

▪ quick ratio

▪ Realizable assets

▪ Borrowed funds

▪ Share of borrowed funds

▪ Working capital

▪ Net working capital

▪ Total liabilities

▪ Ratio of financial dependence

▪ Interest coverage ratio

▪ Debt to EBITDA ratio

Access to the online version of calculators on the website businesscalculator.pro:

▪ Convenient for large screens

▪ Saved calculation results

You can always make basic financial calculations for trading and business operations, calculate indicators for management analysis and reporting.

The application will be useful for students studying management, marketing, trade, financial analysis.

Version history Бизнес-калькулятор.pro
New in com.finsoftcg.dev55316.app253394 2.8
Обновленный интерфейс программы.
New in com.finsoftcg.dev55316.app253394 2.5
1. New calculators → Sales analysis: ▪ Plan / fact, implementation of the plan ▪ Revenue analysis ▪ Analysis of revenue and average check 2. Access to the online version of calculators: ▪ Convenient for large screens ▪ The calculation results are saved 3. Application without ads!
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