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  • Windrunner for Kakao
  • Windrunner for Kakao
  • Windrunner for Kakao
  • Windrunner for Kakao
  • Windrunner for Kakao
  • Windrunner for Kakao
  • Windrunner for Kakao
Description of 윈드러너 for Kakao

50 million run mates Windrunner Z Book in advance!

** Fun together, JoyimaX! **

Dragon Boss appeared in Windrunner!

Runner Season 4 'Dragon Slayer', Korea's leading running game!
Run Runner with Windrunner!

# Wind Runner Championship Boss Mode Update !!

Dragon boss who appeared to stop the adventure of runners appeared.
All five bosses are waiting for the championship!

# New ranking! New rewards !!

Boss and daily adventure dungeon !!
Dungeon Completion Rewarding Rewarding Compensation for Reward!

Ranking competition with cacao friends
Kayok friends, where have you been?

Windrunner's friends Joymax's god-god, My Little Chef, is on his way!

# Windrunner Adventure Mode Update !!

Different rewards await in new dungeons!
Renewed 7 days of seven-color rainbow-like adventure mode
Korea Number One Running Game Wind Runner!

※ Paid content (item) will be charged separately when purchasing.

● Withdrawal of subscription and refund of purchase price
- In the case of paid contents purchased by users, within 7 days from the contract date or availability of paid contents,
You can withdraw your subscription without a fee.
However, in the case of paid content that is provided free of charge by the Company or a third party such as gifts and events, or paid content that has already been used or considered to be used at the time of the cancellation of the subscription, Purchase cancellation) may be restricted.

● Effects of withdrawal
- The company refunds the money within 3 business days if the goods are returned from the user
However, in the case of payment means requiring confirmation of receipt, it shall be reimbursed within three business days from receipt confirmation.
In this case, if the Company delays the refund, the Company will pay the delay interest calculated by multiplying the rate determined by the relevant laws and regulations for the delay period.

● Provisions for minor payments
- A minor or legal representative may cancel the payment if the minor has paid the paid content sold in the application without the consent of the legal representative.
However, cancellation is limited if payment of paid contents by minors is within the scope of the property allowed to be disposed of by the legal representative or if the minor causes the child to believe that he /
Whether the purchaser of the paid content is a minor is judged based on the name of the payment instrument such as the terminal or credit card on which the payment was made.
If you are asked to cancel a minor's payment, you must submit a document certifying the minor and legal representative as required by your company.

● Essential Access Rights
When you use the app, you are requesting access to provide the following services.
Storage space: Used to store game installation files and update files.
Phone: Access is required to read phone status and ID.
Address Book: When composing an e-mail, access is required for the permission (contact) required to synchronize contacts.
If you do not allow access, you can not use the game.

● How to withdraw the access right
- Operating system 6.0 or later: Settings> Application manager> Select app> Permission> Can revoke access right
- Operating system under 6.0: Due to the nature of the operating system, it is not possible to revoke the access right.

* It is more comfortable to run in low-power mode. (More in menu> Low-level mode check)
** Join the mobile game brand Joyimax with fun! **
** Find it in FAQ, ask and answer each other, ask 1: 1 inquiry! **

[Official Cafe] http://cafe.naver.com/windrunnerweme
[Contact us] wrhelp@joymax.com

Ⓒ Joymax Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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Version history 윈드러너 for Kakao
New in com.linktomorrow.windrunner 7.40
Bug fixes
New in com.linktomorrow.windrunner 7.31
Bug fixes
New in com.linktomorrow.windrunner 7.30
1. Add New Monthly Character 2. Add new event
New in com.linktomorrow.windrunner 6.80
1. Added new monthly character 'Painter Stella' 2. Add new event
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