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Description of 夜市麻將賓果 (Life)

Night Market Mahjong Bingo (LIFE)

"Night Market Mahjong Bingo" is a popular probable game. The prototype "Night Market Mahjong" has been in business for many years. It has been popular in Taiwan's major night markets. Its rich and diverse fun makes this game a long-lasting game in the major night markets. It is one of the most popular games in the night market.

The software has a unique open wash function, standard odds calculation, simulation of the real night market Mahjong bingo. You can play alone anytime, anywhere, boring when you want to play, you can start playing directly, you can also use the software to open the washing mechanism, you can be your boss, open points for friends and family, classmates, everyone together with bingo But it is forbidden to gamble money.

* Money gambling is strictly forbidden in this game. If you violate the law, please be responsible for it.
* This game is a pure chance, no cheating flash, no hidden tricks, please bosses at your own risk.
* This game is pure entertainment. If there are problems with rules or programs, causing loss or dispute to the boss or player, please solve it privately.

Game features:
* Unique open wash function, standard odds calculation, simulation of real night market Mahjong bingo.
* You can be your own boss, open a point to friends, classmates to play, no matter how big or small children try their luck. But don't really gamble.
* Two kinds of bingo layouts "woody" "Hyun Black" and "Pearl" are available for players to choose from, and then increase in different periods.
*A different opening number will be generated each time you log in, or you can play directly without entering a password.
* After the washing is done, please ask the boss and the player to remember the "opening number". If the opening number is incorrect during the washing, it means that someone has moved the system. Please solve it yourself.
* You can adjust or turn off the volume of the music sound by yourself.
* The best screen resolution is 480 * 800, other resolutions do not affect the game.

basic rules:
The rules of the night market stalls are not the same. The rule of the game is that the player selects 15 cards from a total of 36 mahjong boards and puts them into the 6*6 pair of prizes according to the selected cards.

The 6*6 pair of prize cards has a total of 6 vertical lines, 6 horizontal lines, and a diagonal crossing of 2 lines for a total of 14 lines. When 15 cards are placed, depending on whether the card type is winning, and the player's bet score is given to the corresponding odds.

If there is no connection, and only 5 of them are still owed to one line, it is a draw. After 15 cards are placed, you can draw three more cards to fill. If you draw the sea, you can find the seabed. The fishing month connection is regarded as the winning prize.

The game connection odds, 20 points a game calculation:
1 connection: 100 points, 5 times
2 connection: 200 points, 10 times
3 connection: 500 points, 50 times

The game starts with a conversion ratio:
20 points: 1 inning
50 points: 3 innings
100 points: 7 innings

Listen to the card and touch three more.

Version history 夜市麻將賓果 (Life)
New in totomi.android.MahjongBingo.ActivityF 1.39
1. Add synthetic speech
New in totomi.android.MahjongBingo.ActivityF 1.38
1. Add synthetic speech
New in totomi.android.MahjongBingo.ActivityF 1.31
1. Add synthetic speech
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