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  • 佛經
  • 佛經
  • 佛經
  • 佛經
  • 佛經
  • 佛經
  • 佛經
Description of 佛經

Generous Guangfo Sutra products Fugen vows
generous wide enlightenment repair the Doro Yoshitsune
large Foding first Sutra
Bodhisattvas Buddha tact chapter
six degrees set by
the Sixth Patriarch Master magic altar by
Manjushri Wisdom Sutra
Manjushri division Lee vow by
Zhancha good and evil karma by
Bodhisattva vows
Lotus Sutra
Buddha line of praise (the Bank by Yiyun Buddha)
Buddha said eight people sleep through
Buddha Treatise industry Road by
Buddha sutra of filial piety
Buddha said四十二章经
Buddha Amitabha Sutra
Amitayurdhyana Sutra
Buddha Infinite life Sutra
Buddha Bon was
bequeathed teachings sutra
Buddha boy longevity Crime Stoppers protect all dharani
Buddha Mahayana Amitayus clean solemn sense of equality by
Vajra Prajna Paramita by
Ananda asked the Buddha good and bad thing was
initiated by Buddha Shusheng Chi Le
St. wonderful good fortune real name was
Vimalakirti Sutra
pharmacists glass light Tathagata Honganji merit by

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New in com.mind2spirit.sutra 1.0.3
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