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Description of 三竹股市-行動股市即時選股與報價,台美股、期權與國際行情看盤

"Sanzhu Stock Market" is the pioneer in mobile market reading! It provides complete market information on securities, indices, futures, options, foreign exchange and international financial products. It also supports multiple brokers and online account opening functions. Through rich after-hours information and professional Technical indicators meet the investment needs you need, and have won the recognition and trust of more than one million downloads in the market!

●Open an account and view orders without switching, one-stop convenience
[Supports multiple brokers]: Supports multiple brokers to log in, and view orders free of charge switch.
[Online Account Opening]: Complete online account opening and enjoy exclusive gifts. You can open an account with peace of mind during the epidemic prevention period.

●Unique data illustration of the big data computing market
[Chips Overview]: An exclusive function of the market, easily grasp the entry and exit and strength of individual stocks' chips, and gain insight into trend changes.
[Brokerage points entry and exit]: System big data statistics, find out the mysterious points, and quickly judge the daily flow of chips.
[Technical Trend]: Real-time calculation of short, medium and long-term indicator signals, strong and weak signals to grasp the trend dynamics at any time.
[Main force in and out]: Take advantage of the main force, analyze the next step of the main force's layout, seize the opportunity, and operate according to the trend.

●Complete technical indicators make it easier to judge long and short
[Price and Volume Indicators]: Collect 24 key indicators, including RSI, KD, OBV, DMI, and Pagoda Line.
[Chips Indicator]: Analysis of the three major legal persons, financing bonds, hedging, large shareholders' shareholdings, main entry and exit, and the difference in the number of buyers and sellers.
[Financial Indicators]: Return to the essence, data is presented visually, and novices in the stock market can also find good investment targets.

●Support diversified financial product quotations
[diversified domestic products]: In addition to securities, indexes, futures, options and warrants, there are all odd shares, ETFs and subscription auctions that petty bourgeoisie are concerned about.
[International Financial Targets]: In line with the world, global indexes, international foreign exchange and U.S. individual stocks support your all-weather investment needs.

●The most media authorized news sources in the market
[News Convergence]: From financial media to PPT villagers’ discussions, 21 media sources are selected, and the number of news views marks hot topics.
[Audio and video content]: In addition to text news, audio and video news makes it easier to grasp the latest news.

●Free and unlimited ways to watch the market
[The first three modes]: Starting from the user's thinking, whether it is a simple single-window sliding or an upper-lower split window for betting enthusiasts, suitable modes can be found for different operating strategies. .
[Four free lists to choose from]: detailed lists, simple grids, multiple trends and trend chips, from concise stock price rises and falls to main chip dynamics, you can see all the key information about individual stocks at a glance.

●A large collection of stock picking tools that makes picking stocks really convenient
[Robot Stock Picking]: graphic patterns, chips, technology and financial stock picking; selected stock picking strategies of experts such as Warren Buffett and Fisher, making it easy to invest.
[Smart Stock Selection]: Screen all kinds of data information, provide real-time rankings, price and volume indicators, chip selection and operating performance conditions. It is very simple to go long and short.
[New Stock Winner]: Short-term bulls, bull retracements, risk warning stocks and stocks with strong orders, pick good stocks through trends and financial statistics.

●The cloud system monitors the richest warning conditions
[Multiple condition settings]: From real-time price and volume to changes in the day's market and key price levels, more than 30 condition categories are available to easily grasp individual stock dynamics.

Follow us to get the latest version news and operation instructions:
Sanzhu Stock Market Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/MTKStock
Sanzhu Stock Market IG: https://www.instagram.com/mitake_stock/

Version history 三竹股市-行動股市即時選股與報價,台美股、期權與國際行情看盤
New in com.mtk
[New features]
1. Main force tracking: grasp the trend of points and analyze strong main force
2. Auxiliary tools: switch products more conveniently, and share the screen with one click
3. New version of search: search can be very easy Wisdom, easily find the products you want
4. Discount information: Add individual stock data items to grasp stock price trends
[Optimization projects]
1. Correct the issue of sorting by rise and fall
2. Optimize the robot stock selection function
3. Optimize the voice search function
4. Optimize System setting item
5. Added pre-market trial exposure
New in com.mtk
1. Market dynamics: an evolved version of the index market, adding real-time information on industry trends and rise and fall distributions
2. Stock quotation mode: adding a new grid mode switch to quickly check the rise and fall trends of the industry
3. Individual stock range details: optimizing individual stocks For detailed information, you can search for details based on the time period.
4. ETF ex-dividend information: Display ex-dividend information based on different dividend distribution frequencies of the product.
5. Optimize collection background storage performance.
6. Correct non-technical line chart issues in the old version mode of long-press menu.
7. Corrected. Monthly revenue display issues for some products
8. Fixed other known issues,
New in com.mtk
1. Added monthly revenue item to the quotation list
2. Added monthly revenue table after the stock market closed
3. Optimized the performance of the old version of the model
4. Optimized the disconnection and reconnection mechanism
5. Corrected the horizontal display of the technical line chart of the old version of the model
6. Correct the color display of the technical line chart BBandEMA
7. Correct the display of warrant-related products after the stock market enters the market
8. Correct other known issues
New in com.mtk

3. Correct the problem of the decimal point of the trend . 4.
Optimize the basic data mechanism of
commodities. Price List Commodity name into the comprehensive quotation page
8. Optimize the system settings push explanatory text content
New in com.mtk
1. Added 10-day cycle indicator to the trend line chart . 2. Added the available balance indicator for borrowing and selling securities in the
technical sub-graph . : 1. Upgrade Google official components 2. Decimal point display of trend technical indicators 3. UI display of trend cycle reference line 4. Reminder of three-month expiration of Yuanfu and national bill brokerage passwords 5. Correction of known online problems Added: 1. Newly added Beast Control Field: (Opening conditions: the master’s level is 184 and has participated in more than 12 rounds of the season) ①Each general can follow a beast pet to strengthen the general’s strength ②Beast pets are divided into three qualities: green, gold, and red. The initial level It is level 1, up to level 30 ③Beast pets have three repeatable random skills, skills can be upgraded to stars 2. The achievement system has been expanded a series of 3. Added the champion skin of the 11th peak competition: Zhang Fei

New in com.mtk
1. New open securities:
(1) Taiwan stock (including ETF) regular fixed quota hot ranking
(2) Cross-broker Taiwan stock (including ETF) regular fixed quota commodity query
(3) Taiwan stock regular fixed quota deduction note
(4) Cross brokerage 2. Optimize
customer service: Provide topic classification, quickly view interesting content
3. Fix known online problems
New in com.mtk
【New features】
1. Technical line graph (1): Added 7 main graph indicators and 2 sub graph indicators
2. Technical graph (2): The main graph supports logarithmic and golden cut scales
3. Trend line chart (1): The main chart supports 5MA, 10MA, 20MA and 60MA moving average prices
4. Trend line chart (2): The sub-chart provides the available balance for borrowing and selling
5. Trend function (1): Added 9 Item technical index value
6. U.S. stock index: Dow Jones, Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 provide the total amount
※ New technical indicators: Tianluodi network cable, LOHAS stave, legal person shareholding cost, price-to-earnings ratio river graph, stock price Equity ratio river chart, BBAND+MA, BBAND+EMA, rising and falling indicators, ADR
※New trend functions: random RSI, ROC, CCI, ATR, high and low point indicators, ultimate indicators, bull and bear indicators, MTM, EOM [

optimization and correction]
1. Adjusted the logic of the first day of the trend function
2. Overall optimization of the login process
3. Problems with the technical line chart horizontally placed to click the cycle screen
4. UIUX optimization of system settings
5. Optimization and adjustment of the quotation shortcut bar
6. Online known bug fix
New in com.mtk
* This update:
1. Corrected known problems with attention and disposal stocks

* This version also has:
[New features]
1. Added "dividend policy" after the market ": A must-see for stock deposits! The yield rate, payout rate, and interest filling rate are compared with peers.
2. Information disclosure of attention shares and disposal shares: provide information such as the start and end dates and reasons for disposal.
3. Added ranking information to the after-hours data: Added "chip overview ranking" and "dividend summary table ranking".

[Optimization and correction]
1. Trend switching cycle problem
2. Old version after-hours function switching adjustment
3. Other online known problems
New in com.mtk
[New features]
1 . Added "dividend policy" after the stock market: a must-see for stock deposits! Yield rate, payout rate, and interest filling rate are compared with peers.
2. Information disclosure of attention shares and disposal shares: provide information such as the start and end dates and reasons for disposal.
3. Added ranking information to the after-hours data: Added "chip overview ranking" and "dividend summary table ranking".

[Optimization and correction]
1. Trend switching cycle problem
2. Old version after-hours function switching adjustment
3. Other online known problems
New in com.mtk
1. Added the animation effect of the Tab Bar menu below.
2. Optimized the real-time line graph of the old version mode and added the switch between up/down limit and highest/low price
3. Optimize the text display size of the trend period
4. Add a new quotation list and add a suspended commodity label
5. Fix other known problems
New in com.mtk
1. [Voice Quote] - Added Google voice mode.
2. 【Trend Chart】-Switch between new data intervals for more than recent months. (Switch in the lower left corner of the function)
3. [Optional quotation] - The upper limit of products has been expanded to 60 levels.
4. [News text] - Added the white background/black background switching function for some news.
5. [Push broadcast function] - provide a picture display mechanism.
6. [Connection mechanism] - Optimize the speed of disconnection and reconnection.
7. [Odd stock quotation] - Adjust the content and mechanism of the information page.
8. [Fix] - Other known issues
New in com.mtk
1.技術線圖副圖指標:新增 (價量) 布林極限%B、布林帶寬(BandWidth);(籌碼)新增自選人數、移除自選人數
New in com.mtk
1. 優化首次登入流程
2. 修正技術分析橫置畫面週期切換與查價線點選問題
3. 修正舊版模式個股相關期貨商品操作問題
4. 修正其他已知問題
New in com.mtk

New in com.mtk

1. 調整券商登入頁面與流程
2. 調整籌碼總覽畫面
3. 調整技術線圖SAR、RSI公式與顯示
4. 修正興櫃商品搜尋問題
5. 修正五日走勢已知問題
6. 修正登入檔案載入已知問題
7. 支援虛擬貨幣警示功能
8. 支援Android官方元件升級
9. 修正其他已知問題
New in com.mtk
1. 修正舊版綜合報價閃退
2. 修正詳細報價閃退
3. 修正簡易方格報價閃退
4. 修正新聞字體調整閃退
5. 修正明細報價閃退
6. 修正明細週期切換鈕消失問題
7. 修正單/雙視窗右側功能選單問題
8. 修正盤後資料點選問題
9. 修正其他已知問題

New in com.mtk
1. 支援盤中零股報價
2. 類股報價增加零股專區
3. 詳細列表模式支援欄位開關(系統設定-報價欄位設定)
4. 升級官方元件
5. 修正漲跌停五檔問題
6. 修正主題設定轉換問題
7. 修正登入取得資料問題
8. 修正壓力支撐表問題
9. 修正其他已知問題
New in com.mtk
1. 修正盤後資料無法點選商品問題
2. 修正明細顏色顯示問題
3. 修正其他已知問題
New in com.mtk
1. 新聞匯流新增【影音內容】
2. 新聞內文提供淺色模式(可於新聞內文點AA調整)
3. 修正暫停交易商品閃退問題
4. 修正推播開關異常關閉問題
5. 修正技術線圖設定參數後,按實體返回鍵無法儲存
6. 修正特定作業系統新聞內容異常
7. 修正簡易方格、多筆走勢、趨勢籌碼尾盤試撮K棒消失問題
8. 修正特定商品報價異常問題
9. 修正權證走勢無漲跌停模式
10. 優化Android 10支援度
11. 優化技術線圖還原預設操作
12. 優化連線逾時機制
13. 優化【自選報價】加入自選流程
14. 優化綜合報價電文發送
15. 優化新聞內文操作實體返回鍵階層
16. 優化盤後資料進入個股後可左右切換商品,第一階段提供以下功能:
(1) 除權息預告
(2) 股東會預告
(3) 公開申購
(4) 持股轉讓
(5) 董監質設
(6) 買回庫藏股

New in com.mtk
1. 「券商進出」改為「券商分點」
2. 主力進出統計單位由「券商」改為「券商分點」
3. 【新增】商品清單切換選單
4. 【新增】商品清單「趨勢籌碼」模式
5. 【優化】上市櫃商品報價超過千位數,取消小數點.00顯示
6. 【優化】連線方式,減少錯誤連線
7. 【優化】視窗切換動態效果
8. 【修正】Android 9.0以上無法收警示問題
9. 【修正】融資融券標題顯示問題
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