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  • Funny cartoon 27
  • Funny cartoon 27
  • Funny cartoon 27
  • Funny cartoon 27
  • Funny cartoon 27
Description of 짱웃긴만화27

▶ Personal Information Processing Policy
You no longer need to find and find a fun cartoon.
Cumulative downloading surpassed 8 million people nation's honeymoon national gag cartoon.
WebTuning is more fun than the one you are playing!

* Infinite fun, character full of personality,
Bongbong High School's geeks, Kim Tae-bae and Jung-pei, and friends
Please enjoy the indiscriminate gag bombing unfolding.
* Please take a little light on my phone.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +

Come to play ~ ~ in a funny series ~
▶ Game
Funny Fighter
- Simple mini-games, addictive fun, infinite stages, survival games
The best timing game to repeat tension and relaxation! Brain full operation ~ GO!
▶ Comics
Funny Cartoon 1 ~ 27
Funny Penguins 1-4
▶ Entertainment
Funny quiz 1 to 2
- common sense, nonsense, OX quiz, ham gag
Figure 1 ~ 2 is wrong, and Figure 1 is wrong.
- Find the wrong picture with funny pictures ~

* Please refer to Naver blog blog.naver.com/bluepink19 for new release date.
* caution
If you look at the bus or subway, you can be misunderstood as a strange person.
Please refrain from watching when you cross the street or climb the stairs.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +

▶ Character Introduction
* Kim Tabby: One of the best geek duos in Bonbon High School. Solo troops 3 Solo troops who can not get a thumb as a captain. But do not ignore it. Earthworms also wriggle.
* Chinnakeseong: It is a strange geek that forms a double wall with Tabi, but the crucial difference is the mystery of Bonnie's boyfriend.
* Chaboni: A spiked girlfriend is a great angel. Hobbies Collecting Snoopy Dolls
* Seon-do: She is a sexy woman with a crush on Tabby. Hobby is clay craft (clay craft)
* Everybody: It is a god of food that boasts a double size of normal body. A master of trace. One of three solo troops. Master of snack eating without teacher
* O: He is a desire to be a comedian, but he does not have a smile when he sees his comedy gag. One of three solo troops. There are overtime, mein, and pigeon imitation.
* Disc: A romanticist who believes in a good-looking face. Dancing machine. It is a master of love that gets jealous of all boys, except for studying and doing well.
It's a dream to become an idol like Exor, Warner One.
* Steelhead: 198cm massive mass and muscles. However, the presbyopia misunderstood as a teacher since elementary school. The nickname is zombie. Hobby is raising cats. The specialty is dunking
* Schoolboy: The god of studying many times in the first place in the nation. I do not know anything except studying.
* Gifted: A gifted gifted person who considers life as a destiny to be victorious in secondary school.
* No Taejung: Twin tower with a double. I dream of being a group center like Twice. Not the vocal, but the face
* Sunshine: A geeky duo is a girl geek. Hobby is to raise poo

▶ Notice of access right
[Optional Access Rights]
- Save: used to download content within the app.
* You can use the app even if you do not agree to the optional access rights.

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